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Everything You Need To Know On Chakra No. 2 + How To Heal It – Svadhisthana!


Affirmative Statement: I Feel

Sanskrit name: Svadhisthana (dwelling place of the self)

Color: Orange

Frequency: 417 Hz (Solfeggio), 288 Hz (Carrier Wave)

Musical Note: D

Element: Water

Organs: Reproductive system, spleen

Endocrine Glands: Ovaries and Testicles

Identity: Emotional

Rights: To feel, to want

Challenge: Guilt

The sacral chakra, also known as Svadhisthana (which in Sanskrit means “Dwelling Place of the Self”) is the chakra which governs the feelings, emotions, sexuality, creativity, change and movement, emotional consciousness and personal/social needs and procreation.

Once stability and security are achieved and once fear is overcome , one can start experiencing the world through feelings, emotions, pleasure and their creative power. This energy vortex is located in the abdomen, or more precisely at the pubic bone as its front and its back being near the tailbone.

It is one of the physical chakras, as all these aspects are still closely connected to physical stimuli and interaction. The sacral chakra is the seat of your inner child. It is quite simple, you can see children feeling free to express their emotions, be creative and playful through life – this is so because their development has come to a stage where they start experiencing the vibratory level of the sacral chakra, once the root chakra balance has been achieved.

Our inner child usually ‘dies’ when we start living our lives concerned with how much we get, what we need to do to live and how preoccupied we are in life due to work, responsibilities and all other ‘grown-up’ aspects.

This means, the little space for pleasure we should reserve is given away to restraint, concerns and obligations. With this, we start losing our sexuality, sensuality and pleasures and we start acting as robots. As a result, we suppress our sacral chakra and it becomes underactive and consequently we start suffering the consequences.

Which organs is the sacralchakra responsible for?

As we mentioned in Part I, this chakra governs over the reproductive system and the spleen, and its glands are the ovaries and testicles. So if you are having problems with impotence or low libido, you may have problems with your sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is also responsible for the lymph system.

So, what are the characteristics of a balanced sacral chakra? 

A person with a balanced sacral chakra can express oneself emotionally without any problems. They are emotionally intelligent. They let their feelings flow freely and have no problems with their sexuality and sexual expression. They are open to intimacy in a healthy manner and they are sensual.

These people are playful and have a great passion for life. They have a strong ability to embrace change and they live their lives to the fullest, experiencing every day as special and as a gift. These people are creative, free and open.

What are the characteristics of a sacral chakra out of balance? 

There are two scenarios for a sacral chakra out of balance: it can be underactive or overactive. Both cases are unhealthy, as they bring many negative aspects to one’s being.

Underactive sacral chakra:

People with an underactive sacral chakra experience a fear of pleasure and they deny themselves. They are rigid, they fear change and have poor social skills. They are typically emotionally numb and sometimes even insensitive.

These people usually deny themselves of the things that make them feel good and they can’t manifest what they desire because their thoughts usually lean towards negativity.

This makes them lazy, sluggish, they may suffer from chronic fatigue disorder and they have a low sex drive, which may even escalate to impotence or frigidity. They try to ‘fit in’ with people as hard as they can, to such an extent that they lose their true and authentic self.

Overactive sacral chakra:

People with an overactive sacral chakra tend to be over emotional, creating drama over people and events. They tend to have an unhealthy social interaction and poor boundaries which also includes invasion of others’ boundaries too.

They have excessive mood swings, obsessive attachments and emotional dependency. Sexual addiction may occur in relationships and also not taking proper caution with their partner(s). They are usually too childish and too sensitive. Addiction to stimulation is another trait they possess, which may lead to drug or alcohol addiction.

How to balance the sacral chakra?

If you find yourself in one of the scenarios of an imbalanced sacral chakra, you might want to help yourself by trying to balance it. While energy healing (such as Reiki or Crystal Therapy) is a very good step, you will need to work on yourse.

lf even afterwards, since your body is your temple and you have to keep it healthy, nourished and clean all the time. There are several ways of balancing this energetic center. Below you will find some useful ways of balancing it, but be careful as these techniques are only good for an underactive sacral chakra! If your chakra is overactive, try balancing the neighboring chakras, and the energy will adjust itself.

Color therapy (or chromo therapy) 

Orange is the color of the sacral chakra, which means wearing something orange will instantly boost the chakra as it vibrates with the same frequency. However, if your sacral chakra is overactive, we recommend that you stop wearing orange for some time. You can also place an orange poster in your bedroom if your sacral chakra is underactive.

Sound therapy (audio therapy)

You can play solfeggio harmonics at 417 Hz on YouTube. You can also chantVAMas a mantra, since its sound frequencies stimulate the sacral chakra.

Nutrition for the sacral chakra 

Orange foods, such as oranges, carrots, tangerines and also almonds, cinnamon and water.

Physical activity 

Besides yoga, you can dance like no one is watching. Just close the doors, play your favorite song and dance like crazy – especially with your hips! Playing child’s games, as building sand castles on the beach or playing with the toys you used to love. This will awaken your inner child and balance your sacral chakra. 


Sitting comfortably while focusing your attention the region just below the navel and visualizing an orange flower blooming at that spot will stimulate the energy of the sacral chakra. You can chant VAM while meditating on the sacral chakra.

Meditation in nature is always the best one there is, but if you can’t find the time, just tidy your room and meditate facing a window.