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Everything You Need To Know On Chakra No. 4 + How To Heal It – Anahata!


Affirmative Statement: I Love

Sanskrit name: Anahata (unstruck)

Color: Green

Frequency: 639 Hz (Solfeggio), 341.3 Hz (Carrier Wave)

Musical Note: F

Element: Air

Organs: heart, vagus nerve, circulatory system

Endocrine Glands: thymus

Identity: Social identity

Rights: To love

Challenge: Grief

The heart chakra, also known as Anahata (which in Sanskrit means “Unstruck”) is the bridge between our physical self and spiritual self. It is situated in the middle of the chest area. This energy center emanates with love, joy and compassion, but it also allows us to feel sorrow, lust and anger in order to understand ourselves and overcome those feelings in order to grow.

Once all our physical aspects are met, our being gradually evolves to its higher potentials which start with love. The heart chakra is the seat of unconditional love.

This term is very hard to explain and naming it causes a lot of misconceptions, but one thing you should know is that by giving love a frame (I love you because of this or that; love in relationships; love in family etc.) makes it conditioned to that circumstance. Unconditional love embraces all and does not require a prerequisite to exist.

Of course to achieve this we must go through all the stages of love as we know it, and the heart chakra is responsible for this feeling and for its nurturing in a healthy direction.

This chakra is in the middle of the 7 chakra system and it connects the lower physical chakras to the higher, non-physical ones.

Having this chakra functioning properly will help you open the final three chakras that are attached to our body. Just as the element of air, it encompasses both physical and non-physical aspects and connects them into one creating a sense of unity.

Which organs is the heart chakra responsible for?

As we mentioned in Part I, this chakra governs over the heart, vagus nerve and circulatory system. If you have chest pain, heart problems, high or low blood pressure or any other problems connected to the circulatory system, you should check on your heart chakra.

So, what are the characteristics of a balanced heart chakra?

A person with a balanced heart chakra feels compassion for all living things. They are centered, peaceful and content. They find it easy to emotionally connect to people and understand their situation, state and feelings.

Not only do they understand, but they accept all around them as it with love. Spending time alone is not a problem for these people and they do not rush into new relationships one after another. They would rather wait for the ‘right one’ as they know he/she is out there waiting for them as well and will come when the time is right.

They are aware of their emotional state and they can healthily overcome grief and anger. They know when to let go and they know how to create a healthy balance in their relationships. Most of all, they know how to love themselves.

What are the characteristics of a heart chakra out of balance?

There are two scenarios for an imbalanced heart chakra: it can be underactive or overactive. Both cases are unhealthy, as they bring many negative aspects to one’s being.

Underactive heart chakra:

People with an underactive heart chakra find it difficult to keep a positive outlook in their lives. They are usually withdrawn and antisocial, feeling lonely and isolated.

They feel unloved, unwanted and unappreciated and this energy manifests itself in such a way that people ‘confirm’ those beliefs. This is why these people have a hard time trusting and letting others in. They lack empathy and they fear intimacy and are usually critical and intolerant of others.

Overactive heart chakra:

People with an overactive heart chakra are ruled by their emotions too much. They become martyrs and they want to please others in every way possible, afraid that they may not be liked or accepted by them.

Because of their broken boundaries, they become too codependent and this leads to jealousy. The codependency leads to such an extent that they are willing to always give without getting anything in return.

They always forgive their partners and they always clean up after them, be it emotionally or physically. This usually leads them into toxic relationships of which they cannot let go.

How to balance the heart chakra?

If you find yourself in one of the scenarios of an imbalanced heart chakra, you might want to help yourself by trying to balance it.

While energy healing (such as Reiki or Crystal Therapy) is a very good step, you will need to work on yourself even afterwards, since your body is your temple and you have to keep it healthy, nourished and clean all the time. There are several ways of balancing this energetic center.

Below you will find some useful ways of balancing it, but be careful as these techniques are only good for an underactive heart chakra! If your chakra is overactive, try balancing the neighboring chakras, and the energy will adjust itself.

 Color therapy (or chromo therapy)

Green is the color of the heart chakra, which means wearing something green will instantly boost the chakra as it vibrates with the same frequency.

However, if your heart chakra is overactive, we recommend that you stop wearing green for some time. You can also place a green poster in your bedroom if your heart chakra is underactive.

Sound therapy (audio therapy)

You can play solfeggio harmonics at 639 Hz on YouTube. You can also chant YAM as a mantra, since its sound frequencies stimulate the heart chakra.

Nutrition for the heart chakra

 Green foods, really all green vegetables, especially spinach, will boost your heart chakra.

 Physical activity

Besides yoga, breathing exercises can help the healing process of the heart chakra. Just lie down and place your hand on your chest. Start breathing deeply and let the air remove all impurities from your chest. Chest opening exercises are also good for the heart chakra.


 Sitting comfortably while focusing your attention in your chest area and visualizing a green light emanating from that spot will stimulate the energy of the heart chakra. You can chant YAM while meditating on the heart chakra.

Meditation in nature is always the best one there is, but if you can’t find the time, just tidy your room and meditate facing a window.