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Everything You Need To Know On Chakra No. 6 + How To Heal It – Ajna!


Affirmative Statement: I See

Sanskrit name: Ajna (command)

Color: Indigo

Frequency: 852 Hz (Solfeggio), 426.7 Hz (Carrier Wave)

Musical Note: A

Element: Light

Organs: Ears, nose, lower brain, nervous system, left eye

Endocrine Glands: Pineal gland

Identity: Archetypal identity

Rights: To see

Challenge: Illusion

The brow chakra, also known as Ajna (which in Sanskrit means “Command”) is the chakra of insight, vision free of illusion and introspection. It is located directly behind the center of the forehead with its front point between the eyebrows.

When functioning properly, this chakra allows us to see the larger picture without a sense of prejudice or subjectivism. It gives us a clear insight of the events in our lives and how they are connected and it helps us understand all the things happening in our lives and their roles as being helpful for our growth.

Having this chakra open helps us to tell truth from lie, right from wrong and most importantly understand that the dualities we are ready to perceive clearly belong to a single unity.

This means that one cannot exist without the other and that both are equally important. The brow chakra also helps us understand ourselves better and to see all our positive and negative aspects, accept them and work on them. The brow chakra opens up the possibilities for psychic abilities, most often telepathy and clairvoyance, which come as a result of our ability to see beyond the veil of illusion. 

Which organs is the brow chakra responsible for?

As we mentioned in Part I, this chakra governs over the ears, nose, lower brain, the nervous system and the left eye with its gland being the pineal gland. A proper function of the pineal gland allows the brow chakra to function properly as well, which means you should start a proper detox diet to decalcify your pineal gland.

So, what are the characteristics of a balanced brow chakra?

A person with a balanced brow chakra is a very intuitive person with great memory. They have no problem learning new things, remembering them and understanding their importance in their lives.

These people have a great sense of understanding every aspect of their lives, every situation and moment and they cannot be fooled easily, but most importantly, they can see the connection between their inner and outer reality.

This makes them the creators of their reality. They also start exploring and understanding their spiritual side. Their strong ability to visualize and their penetrating insight helps them to have a guiding vision for their lives.

What are the characteristics of a brow chakra out of balance?

There are two scenarios for an imbalanced brow chakra: it can be underactive or overactive. Both cases are unhealthy, as they bring many negative aspects to one’s being.

Underactive brow chakra:

People with an underactive brow chakra lack imagination and have difficulty visualizing. They are excessively sceptic just about everything new and they tend to be in a state of denial, being unable to see and understand what is really going on around them. This mental rigidness doesn’t allow them to see alternatives. They have problems remembering things and learning. They lack common sense and empathy for the people in their lives.

Overactive brow chakra:

People with an overactive brow chakra fantasize to that extent that they become delusional. They can have hallucinations, nightmares and create circumstances in their minds that are not actually happening. They have intrusive memories and find it difficult to concentrate. They tend to be judgmental and over-intellectual in their thinking. These people may experience stress and frequent headaches in the forehead or temples.

How to balance the brow chakra?

If you find yourself in one of the scenarios of an imbalanced brow chakra, you might want to help yourself by trying to balance it. While energy healing (such as Reiki or Crystal Therapy) is a very good step, you will need to work on yourself even afterwards, since your body is your temple and you have to keep it healthy, nourished and clean all the time.

There are several ways of balancing this energetic center. Below you will find some useful ways of balancing it, but be careful as these techniques are only good for an underactive brow chakra! If your chakra is overactive, try balancing the neighboring chakras, and the energy will adjust itself.

Color therapy (or chromo therapy)

Indigo is the color of the brow chakra, which means wearing something indigo will instantly boost the chakra as it vibrates with the same frequency. However, if your brow chakra is overactive, we recommend that you stop wearing indigo for some time. You can also place an indigo poster in your bedroom if your brow chakra is underactive.

Sound therapy (audio therapy)

You can play solfeggio harmonics at 852 Hz on YouTube. You can also chant OM (or AUM) as a mantra, since its sound frequencies stimulate the brow chakra.

Nutrition for the brow chakra

Brain foods high in Omega 3 fatty acids, dark chocolate and food with strong antioxidants. Antioxidants are very important in the process of detoxifying the brain and especially decalcifying the pineal gland. We will publish a separate article about detoxification of the body and brain and decalcification of the pineal gland.

Physical activity

There is no physical activity that can correlate directly with the brow chakra, as it is a non-physical chakra. Nevertheless, light is the element of this chakra, which means spending time in nature where there is a lot of sunlight can help the activation of this chakra. Also, a very opposite approach is also recommended: sitting in a dark, quiet room with no visual, physical or auditory stimuli will help the brow chakra to start working.


Sitting comfortably while focusing your attention in your brow area and visualizing indigo light emanating from that spot will stimulate the energy of the brow chakra. You can chant OM while meditating on the brow chakra.

Meditation in nature is always the best one there is, but if you can’t find the time, just tidy your room and meditate facing a window.