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This Exercise Burns 6 Times More Calories Than Running


“Retro Running” is an exercise that is proven to burn 6 times more calories than regular running. Plus, it is fun and has many benefits for your overall health and well-being. 

We all know how essential it is to take care of your health. Regular exercising is one of the crucial ways in doing that. However, there are many people out there who besides exercising for health reasons also want to lose weight efficiently and fast.

An exercise called “Retro Running is getting more and more popular around the globe because of its simplicity and the amazing benefits it has over the body.

So, what this exercise is all about?

Running backward – that’s it. To many it may seem like an unnatural and weird thing to do – but this exercise is more effective than regular running or jogging.

“Retro Running” is an intense and very effective training method. This exercise helps you to get stronger and balanced lower body while also keeping you safe from injuries on your back and legs.  

How this exercise helps you to lose weight?

“Retro Running” is a complete cardiovascular exercise that can get you rid of lots of calories. Besides, it not only burns calories but also engages many more muscle groups thus becoming a full workout exercise.

Plus, it is a great time saver! For instance, if you walk 100 steps backward it is like you have walked 1000 steps the conventional way. Moreover, one lap backward on a track equals six laps of running forward.

Benefits of running backward:

It tones your legs and muscles

This exercise will strengthen your muscles, and it will not put extra pressure on your knees. With this exercise, you will engage and develop the muscles that are opposite to those involved in regular running. This includes your calves, quads, and your shins.

It protects you from injuries and rehabilitates your knees

When you are running forward, you are constantly repeating the same movements that can lead to imbalance and severe knee injuries. When you are running backward, however, you do repeat the same movements, but these movements are not as aggressive. This helps you to keep your knees safe from injuries and improve the balance between the opposing muscle groups.

It develops your peripheral vision and balance

By running backward, you improve your balance, and you increase your peripheral vision because you are not able to see what is behind you. It will also develop your other senses – like hearing.

It is good for your brain

When you change your running direction and start moving your muscles the opposite way, it makes your brain to think and act differently than it is used to, so, your brain will develop in new ways which is an excellent thing if you want to keep your brain healthy.  

It improves your posture

When you are running forward, it is difficult to maintain your posture straight because your body’s natural position to front-running is slightly curved and slouched to the front. However, in when you run backward your posture is perfectly straight since you naturally keep it that way.

It strengthens your abs

Hand in hand with running with a straight back go strong abs. When you keep your posture straight, your abdominal muscles are engaged and tightened more that results in well-defined abs.

However, when you decide to go for a ‘retro run,’ bear in mind to run in a place that you know well. Also, getting visual marks and guidance such as road marks can be helpful for the first few times.

Moreover, if you are feeling weird and insecure performing this exercise in public, you can always do it on a treadmill.

What do you think? Will you give it a try? Let us know, and don’t forget to share.