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10 Exercises That Will Make You Burn Belly Fat Without Having To Run Or Jog


All of you who want not only to lose some pounds, but tone your body also, should know that mere cardio exercises won’t help you reach your body goals. It will only make you a skinnier version of your previous self.

Instead, you should practice resistance training with which you will gain strength and endurance, and finally you will get the toned body you’ve always wished for.

A recent study tested which effects do resistance exercises have on the metabolism on patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. 53 patients were divided into 2 groups: one group did squats and pushups 3 times a week for 12 weeks; and the other group didn’t do any resistance exercises.

Then, after 12 weeks they compared the results. In the group that exercised, people had improved greatly the fat free and raised the muscle mass while at the same time their levels of insulin, iron, and fatty liver were lowered. So, in fact, their whole metabolism was improved thanks to the resistance exercises.

Below are 10 very effective exercises that you can do at home because they don’t require any special preparation or equipment. These exercises are classic, and will help you tone your muscles, slow down the aging process of your body, and will make you look amazing.

These exercises are based on ‘compound movements’- meaning more muscles work simultaneously, thus helping you burn fat soon.

  1. The Burpee

With this exercise you will activate all major muscle groups. You will burn a lot more belly fat with this exercise than by spending hours of your time doing cardio. With this exercise your heart will pump blood much faster than cardio. Besides, you can adjust it to any fitness level.

  1. The Pull Up

This exercise is excellent for toning your back. It may seem difficult at the start, but you can always start with other simple and light exercises to get yourself prepared for this exercise.

  1. The Squat

Although this exercise is really simple, it will get your butt and legs nicely shaped. You can mix it up with body weights it it’s not too difficult for you. Or, if you want to add intensity to it, you should try barbell or dumb bells.

  1. The Push Up

 This exercise is excellent for your upper body muscles. It strengthens your triceps, tones your upper chest, and sculpts your shoulders. And, it does all this while toning your core at the same time.  

  1. The Lunge

This exercise is specially crafted to tone your hamstrings and to shape and tighten your butt. However, if you start to feel pain in your knees, you should change it with the Glute Bridge.

  1. The Spider Crawl

The Spider Crawl improves your hips’ flexibility and tones your core muscles.

  1. The Skater

You can increase your knees and ankles’ stability by moving in a lateral plank position. If you want to burn even more calories, you should jolt to the joints using minimal jumping.

  1. The Plank

This exercise is extremely effective because it activated the transverse abdominals along with the entire core, and helps you get rid of back pain. Try to remain in this position for 1 minute.

  1. Jumping Rope

This exercise is an excellent substitute for running because you will burn tons of calories and tone your legs and arms. Moreover, you can just practice a move called ‘a phantom skip’ by tossing the rope aside and pretend to jump it by following the motions.

  1. The Get Up

This move which involves your triceps muscles will also activate your core muscles to a great extent, so you can finally get that flat toned belly you always wanted.

These 10 exercises will help you lose fat and tone your body soon. And besides, you will only need 15 minutes of your time for this program. You should definitely give it a try!   

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