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Exhausted Tiger Suffers Seizure On Stage And Collapses After Being Forced To Jump Through A Ring Of Fire


Humanity never ceases to amaze me and disgust me at the same time. I’ve said this once and I will say it million times over again. We don’t deserve this planet. We don’t deserve this nature. We don’t deserve animals.

We are cruel, heartless and exploitative.

The following story is an example of that.

The six-year-old tiger, called Zena, was a part of a show that was led by brother-sister duo Artur and Karina Baldasaro at the circus in Magnitogorsk, Russia.

In the video below, you can see two tigers performing their acts. They are both running around the ring and then jumping through 2 dangerous rings of fire. But halfway through their act, Zena the tigress falls down and starts having seizures. It is clear that she is in a great deal of pain. After a few seconds of convulsing, she collapses.

But what comes next is even more shocking.

In an attempt to bring back the collapsed tigress, Arthur pokes her with his stick and pours a few buckets of water over the poor, exhausted creature. After realizing that she doesn’t respond to that, he grabs her tail and drags her around.

Ever since this incident, the pair have been accused of animal cruelty, but have defended themselves by saying that everything they did was necessary since there were 6 other tigers that would have eventually attack Zena.

Karina said: “Artur did his best to bring Zena back to her senses and he did all the right things – he touched her reflexive zones, he poured water on her.

“The main thing was to stop other animals from attacking. For them a weak animal is a target, it is an order to kill.

“If we had not stopped them, it would have ended with a bloody fight. And nobody knows who would have been alive after that.”

Arthur also explained that he had no choice but to grab her by the tail.

“I had to drag the animal away from the wire fence, she was about to fall between the stage and the wire. I dragged her to a safe place where there were no other tigers around.

“Any other tiger could have attacked her when she was so weak. Karina was controlling six animals, so they did not do any harm to the tigress.

“So, the tigress was away from spectators and away from other tigers. Why the tail? What else could I drag her by? She has claws on her paws. She is not a soft cat. I could not lift the whole tiger.

“It was an emergency situation for all of us. It was a shock.”

He also added that he shouted for the music to be turned off during Zena’s seizures. The crowd sighed with relief when she finally stood up.

A woman who had taken her two children to the circus said:

“When the tiger was convulsing, spectators laughed. When the animal defecated, it became clear it was an attack of illness.

“Both animal trainers behaved normally, the sister [Karina] was watching the other animals. The brother controlled everything and helped the tigress.

“There was no stun gun. Artur beat his whip at the floor to calm down other animals.”

If you ask me, this whole animals-jumping-through-fire-rings thing is complete madness. Circuses should be banned. If nothing, they should stop recruiting animals. Wild animals belong in the jungles and the forests, not in tents surrounded by hundreds of people.

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