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The Existential Bummer — Entropy, And The Way We Are Able To Fight


It is perhaps the knowledge that nothing is eternal is what keeps us going, with that hidden fear of losing it. The end of the things we hold dear is what makes them even dearer to us to behold and nurture so that they last a little longer.

That’s why we decide to commemorate them into eternity even before they are gone, through our deeds and actions, which are there with the purpose to fight against the harsh winds of time.

But is entropy the enemy we fight against, or the unfamiliar friend that reminds us of what we truly have and of our ability to cherish and prolong its existence?

Entropy is the gradual decline into chaos, the unknown void, disorder — it’s the destructive side of the fire that burns to keep everything alive. Coming to terms with the destructive side of the fire is a way of greeting its life-giving side. And we equally possess both.

However, we tend to focus on the destructiveness and often come at peace with it, and then, instead of shifting the focus to the creative power and learning to harness it, we often remain there — focused on the end.

As part of nature, we equally possess both order and entropy at our innermost core, and our fight against the decay of all there is, is really our way of preserving the order through the creative force we are so abundant with.

Many people have chosen to burn brightly and give true meaning to their lives through their fight against decay. I choose to do so myself, as I know I can, we all can. The love we are able to give, and with which we are able to create, is bigger than any hate that can destroy.

The greatest struggles we go through are those that lead us against the turbulent flow of the flames of entropy. These are no struggles; this struggle is a charge forward that pierces the thick waves of the destructive nothingness.

Those who choose not to act against the decay of their world, struggle the most. Many people have been brave to defy entropy by standing firm and pressing forward. They have grasped to what they hold dearest and did all they could to hold on.

Ask yourself, what do you hold dear? What would you do to prolong its existence? And most importantly — what are you doing to prolong its existence? Never say “I would die for you” to your loved ones, live for them every day and do everything in your power to never let them fall.

I wouldn’t die for those I love — I never like to hypothesize something that may never be needed. I die for my loved ones every day, and I’m reborn with the thought that I will always be there for them, as they are there for me. I live, create, and nurture the things I hold dear for life.

So, next time you think of the end, make sure you don’t call for it sooner — instead, do everything in your power to not only hold on to the moment but to “extend it forever.” You have the power to do that, and only you can do it.

Special thanks to Jason Silva and his beautiful Existential Bummer.