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Factors to Consider Before Buying Ground Meat


It is often difficult to differentiate good meat from bad meat in a store or supermarket due to the packaging designs. However, it would be best if you were cautious while buying some ground meats as they are susceptible to bacterial infection or intoxication due to storage for an extended period in the stores. Some other types of meat are produced in poor conditions and don’t adhere to certain standards, making them unsuitable for human consumption.

What are the main factors to consider in the buying process of ground beef?


Safety means that the meat does not pose any health risk to the consumers. The health risk can be due to toxins present in the meat or bacteria such as E Coli. The law requires that beef is produced under certain conditions, and the meat must be inspected before being sold. In the labeling of the ground beef, a sign shows that the meat has passed the inspection stage and is safe for consumption.

Most states have a specific inspection program that ascertains whether the meat is produced under sanitary conditions from reliable sources. The main inspection body is the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and all approved meat products have the USDA label. When buying ground beef online you need to check for the USDA label.


It refers to the juiciness, flavor, and tenderness of the ground meat.  Various labels indicate the quality of the meat, such as prime or choice meat.  Thus you need to buy high-quality meat that is tasty and brings out the best nutrition value.


The physical appearance of all ground beef should be cherry-red while raw.  Cured meat can be dark as it has been processed with salt solution and other ingredients. The raw beef’s inner side will be dark but will instantly turn to a bright red color upon exposure to air. The dark color is due to a lack of oxygen in the packaging.

If the meat does not have such colors, it means it is not healthy, and it has been in the store for an extended period. Buying such a lump of meat poses a health risk to your body.

Storage conditions

The meat should be stored in a freezer or refrigerator to retain its nutrient value and ensure it stays fresh for a long. You should also check the meat’s storage environment and make sure it is in a  high sanitary condition. Unclean environments expose the meat to harmful bacteria such as E Coli, making the meat toxic.

Another consideration is the packaging conditions, ensure the meat is packaged in a tight seal to prevent the entry of bacteria. The packaging case should also be neat and presentable. Most manufacturers have indicated an expiry date and you should look out for it.

Bottom Line

The best ground beef should be well processed, packaged, and stored to ensure it is safe for human consumption. There is also a need to ensure that the meat is inspected and approved for human use. Selecting the right ground beef ensures you get the best nutrition value from the meat.