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Facts about Vaping That You Never Knew


“Smoking is injurious to health”, you may have grown up hearing this, but still many fall prey to smoking.  Smoking is addictive and can cause adverse effects on health. Vaping is something new that is coming up as a replacement with comparatively lesser risks and can lend a helping hand in quitting smoking who wants to quit. 

Here are a few facts about vaping that you may not have known before:

Vaping Is Not As Harmful As Smoking

Yes, you heard it right making use of blazed vapes is not as risky as traditional cigarettes. The nicotine that is present inside is heated up and mixed along with flavors and other things to generate water vapor that is inhaled by the user. The standard cigarettes contain tobacco content and other chemicals in high quantity which prove to be toxic. But in the case of blazed vapes, you are not exposed to a higher content of chemicals, and thus it proves to be comparatively less harmful than its traditional counterpart.

Vaping Is Not a Sure Shot Method to Quit Smoking

Vaping is undoubtedly an alternative to smoking and can be used as a replacement to the general cigarettes but quitting smoking is something that comes from within. If a person is determined enough to drop their idea of smoking, then blazed vapes can surely help. But for people who do not have any such plans can be seen using blazed and cigarettes both.

It May Renormalize Smoking Habits

Smoking has become a common trend amongst the youth, and it is not a good habit that youngsters should adopt. The usage of blazed vapes is increasing day by day and is gaining popularity. It is thought to reverse the advancement of traditional cigarettes. These blazed vapes are readily available nowadays and thus claims to reduce the smoking habits of people globally, especially targeting youngsters.

They Are Reusable

One is not required to buy a blazed vape every time they feel like having a puff as in the case of traditional cigarettes. Blazed Vapes are reusable and can be used until the battery of the vape is full. Also, these blazed vapes come with a charger that can be used to charge the vape whenever you find it running low on battery. Also, there are other kinds of vapes that can be refilled by embedding a new cartridge.


If you are a chain smoker, then you might know well about the cigarette bills. The cost may keep adding up day by day to show off a considerable amount in your monthly bills as cigarettes do not come for free. Picking on vaping over smoking can satisfy your nicotine instincts at a cheaper price in comparison to the cigarettes proving to be a cost-effective affair.

Bottom line

If you are someone who is trying to quit smoking, then blazed vapes can surely help you to some extent.  If you are keen on quitting smoking and are not able to do so by opting for other cessation methods, blazed vapes can stand as an alternative to reduce your nicotine consumption.