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Faith In Humanity Restored: Wildlife Authorities Rescued 550 Birds Stuffed In Small Metal Cages


I cannot believe the world that I live in. Each and every day I am disgusted by everything that humanity does. Yes, I am a human being, but I am not proud of that fact. If you ask me, human beings are cancer on this planet.

We are selfish, greedy, wicked and dangerous. We destroy entire forests, we cut down trees, we kill innocent animals for food and for sport, we wear their fur, we pollute our world and what’s even worse, we feel no remorse for doing that whatsoever.

But every once and a while, a rare kind of loving and compassionate human beings appear out of nowhere and prove to me that there is still hope. They bring back my faith in humanity and reassure me that everything is not as black as it sounds.

This is a story about that kind of people. A story that gives us hope that everything is not lost. Read on!

One month ago, wildlife authorities rescued 550 birds that were found caged in metal boxes and were ready for selling.

Can you believe it?

This happened during a raid at a market in Central Kolkata. The poor birds that were up for selling were protected species that instead of enjoying their freedom in the wilderness were actually waiting to be sold at the market as pets.

However, thanks to the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau, 550 of these protected Indian birds were rescued and immediately taken to veterinarians for proper treatment. Unfortunately, they couldn’t rescue all of the animals since some of the newborn chicks were already found death due to the terrible conditions that they were living in.

This is not the only case in West Bengal. Recently this place has emerged as a massive market for wildlife smuggles. Luckily, authorities reacted on time and arrested nine of the traders. These people will be prosecuted and punished for the crimes they did.

As for the birdies, after everything they’ve been through, they will get to keep their freedom and get back to where they belong –the wilderness.