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What Do You Feel When I Say “I Love You”?


I still remember that day when we first met. Somehow, it happened that we found each other at the same place and time in our lives. We didn’t plan for it, but I’ll be forever grateful for that moment. The moment when I realized that I have met someone special. Someone different than all the others. Someone worth fighting for.

I fell in love with you instantly. I opened myself to you and you didn’t try to change me. This is just one of the many reasons I love you.

I wonder if you know that. Do you know why I love you?

Can you notice that I get nervous when I’m in front of you? No matter how many years we have spent together, I often blush when I talk to you.

When we fight, it’s not traumatic for me because I know that we will solve the problem, no matter how hard it seems. It won’t be the end. Do you feel that too?

When I say “I love you”, I also mean I like you. I like how good you are to other people. You’re always patient and sensitive, especially with me.

I love it when you surprise me with dinner after work and you support me in everything. Even when I myself don’t know what I want. Even then, you’re by my side, believing in me like nobody else does.

I adore you every time you’re calling me just to hear my voice. I haven’t told you this, but whenever my phone rings, I hope I will see your name on the screen, even if we just spent hours together.

In bed at night, I feel safe when I’m with you. Whenever you’re away for work, a huge piece of me goes away with you. I don’t feel able to get up and face the situations that the day will bring to me. Until you come back. And I can conquer the world again.

I love when we do something as a team. We are such a great team, aren’t we?

I love you because you’re masculine, but sensitive. Because you make me laugh every day, even after all this time.

I admire your strength and intelligence. I like listening to your stories, again and again.

I learn from you a lot. You teach me things that I have never considered to learn. But you also allow me to teach you things that you don’t have interest in. And I love you because of that.

When I’m with you, I feel special. I feel invincible and powerful. You make me stronger and braver.

I feel like I’ve been with you since forever. I feel real when I’m with you. I don’t have to change myself. You accept me as I am. And you love me because of that.

If you didn’t know, I’m still attracted to you. For me, you’re still the most handsome man alive. I hope you get the same feeling as I get when I haven’t seen you for hours.

I love your aspirations and your enthusiasm for a magical future together. I love that you are positive and believe in our future, just as I do. And the fact that I have you for the rest of my life makes me the happiest girl alive.

You are the only one that understands my craziness. Whenever I act crazy, you smile and hug me and everything is back to normal. Back to perfect.

I don’t know if a group of words can explain what I feel when I say “I love you”. I don’t know if you feel the same thing. Do you? I hope you do.

Mahatma Gandhi said that “Where there is love, there is life”. Life cannot be explained, you have to live it. It’s the same thing with love. It is not easy to describe. You have to feel it.