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Feeling Tense? ‘Rage Yoga’ Encourages Yelling And Cursing All While You Drink A Beer


We live in a fast-paced, chaotic world where we are constantly on the go. The truth is, we live in an era where all of us are exhausted. It is what it is. The pressure is just unbearably high.

That is one of the reasons why yoga has become the most attractive activity lately.

Have you noticed how every person you know is suddenly stretching, breathing and giving thanks to the universe? Well, it is because practicing yoga is truly beneficial. It does not only improve your flexibility and strengthen your muscles, but it also alleviates all the stress accumulated inside of you and leaves you in a peaceful state of mind.

But there are people who have always found this a bit tedious, so over the years, they’ve tried to spice things up by inventing yoga with dogs, hot yoga, laughing yoga and whatnot.

I must say that all of these versions have surprised me in a good way, but this last addition to the yoga family left me in awe! Trust me, you’ve never seen anything like this.

Ashley Duzich is the head of the so-called Rage Yoga and she is thrilled to help you get all the negativity out of you. Yes, that’s right! Rage Yoga! Her sessions include everything from swearing, cursing, yelling, screaming, crying… All while you enjoy a nice, cold glass of beer.

However, you should know that this type of yoga is not for everyone. If you want peace and quiet, this is the wrong place for you. But if you are feeling tense and you have a lot of repressed anger or deep-seeded anger inside of you that you wish to let out, you’ll enjoy spending time in your new Rage Yoga classes.

Instructor Duzich will make sure you yell as hard as you can in order to release yourself from the stress. She will encourage you to be anything but quiet.

She believes that practicing yoga is supposed to help us create unity with ourselves and find that balance between our body, mind, and soul. But moreover, she states that not all of us can achieve that state through breathing and being calm. Some people need to feel the rage inside of them and let it. And that is completely fine!

The classes are held twice a month at the Brash Brewery. Duzich doesn’t allow the participants to bring their kids, but she is 100% positive about them bringing their pets!

If you are interested in trying this, make sure you check the link below. Instructor Ashley Duzich will explain to you all the benefits of practicing Rage Yoga and she will show you what usually happens during her classes.

So, what do you think? Would you try this?