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Who Is My Guardian Angel-Find Who Your Guardian Archangel Is According To Your Date Of Birth

Find Who Your Guardian Archangel

Angels and archangels are present in every religion – they aren’t restricted by the bounds of religions and transcend the differences between them. Angels are considered as genderless, and the names that were given to them bear a meaning and frequency that can best describe their nature.

Every number has its own vibration, and each archangel governs over one or more of the frequencies that correspond to the numerological system. To discover which archangel governs over your number (and thus protects you), you first need to calculate your numerology number using your date of birth.

For example, I am born on 31.07.1991, which means that I need to reduce this number sequence to a single number (or leave it at a cardinal number).

Simply put, 3+1+0+7+1+9+9+1 = 31, and 3+1 = 4. So my number is 4, making Archangel Haniel my guardian archangel.

If you get numbers 11, 22, 33, 44, don’t reduce them, as they are the master numbers in numerology.

Once you have calculated your life path number, read below to see which archangel reigns over that number and what this means for you.


This archangel’s name means “The Friend of God,” and Archangel Raguel is responsible for acting God’s will and introducing it into the human relationships. This archangel helps in creating peace in the interaction between people, and with the interaction of the person with oneself.

Numbers 2 & 11 – ARCHANGEL URIEL

This archangel’s name means “God Is My Light,” and Archangel Uriel is associated with wisdom and truth. This archangel can help in bringing knowledge, wisdom, and light into the dark, releasing painful memories, and turning disappointment into victory.


This archangel’s name means “Beauty of God,” and Archangel Jophiel is the angel of beauty – not just physical beauty, mind you. This archangel’s mission is to bring beauty to the lives of people, the beauty of thought, feelings, the home, and the Self.

Numbers 4 & 22 – ARCHANGEL HANIEL

This archangel’s name means “The Joy of God” or “The Grace of God,” and Archangel Haniel is the channel between us and God, providing patronage to those who are searching for enlightenment. This archangel brings sensitivity, love, and joy, illuminating our souls when fear, stress, and worries try to take over.


This archangel’s name means “The Mercy of God,” and Archangel Jeremiel is associated with prophetic visions, psychic dreams, and life reviews. This archangel helps the souls of the living and the dead to receive insight into their actions and learn from their mistakes.

Numbers 6 & 33 – ARCHANGEL MICHAEL

This archangel’s name means “Who Is Like God,” and Archangel Michael is the leader of heaven’s army of angels. This archangel is the primary dispeller of evil, negative and life-draining energies and protects the people from evil.


This archangel’s name means “God Heals,” and Archangel Raphael is the healer in the angelic realm, helping with physical, mental, and spiritual problems. This archangel is seen as the guardian of humanity and the divine physician.

Numbers 8 & 44 – ARCHANGEL RAZIEL

This archangel’s name means “The Secret of God,” and Archangel Raziel is considered to be the one who is closest to God. This archangel is the patron of justice and protector of law-makers, lawyers, and judges. Raziel holds the knowledge of the universe and can help one recall knowledge that has been accumulated over time.


This archangel’s name means “The Lion of God,” and Archangel Ariel is the patron of nature and all living beings in it, and the elements (fire, earth, water, air). This archangel is the protector and healer of the natural world and helps people to get closer to nature without destroying it.

The archangels aren’t directly our guardian angels, but they command and oversee the work of our guardian angels. Calling upon them for help can result in receiving the aid that you needed, either directly from the archangel, or from angels that are under their command.

Sarah Yip, Spiritual Experience