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Find A Lover Who Will Love You Exactly Like This


Find a lover who will love every single part of your body. Someone who will see you as the most incredible and sexy woman in the whole wide world, no matter how many grey strands are there in your hair, or how much weight you have gained or lost.

Find a lover who will honor you, who will celebrate and cherish you, and will say the nicest things about you when you are not around. Someone whose day can’t pass without thinking of you. Someone who has eyes and love only for you.

Find a lover who is not afraid of committing fully to you. Someone who treats you like a number one priority in his life, and not an option. Someone who doesn’t walk away leaving you wondering in a painful distress. Someone with whom you will always know where you stand and makes you feel calm and peaceful.

Find a lover who embraces growth, who embraces change, and falls in love with you in many different ways.

Find a lover who never wonders if the grass is greener somewhere else. Someone who is so sure and content of your relationship that doesn’t even think about what his life would be like with other women.

Find a lover who covers you with a blanket whenever you fall asleep on the sofa, and kisses you goodnight softly wishing you sweet dreams. Someone who will make your favorite breakfast and coffee in your favorite mug on an ordinary Monday morning.

Find a lover who speaks “WE”, and not “I” – because he understands that you are a team.

Find a lover who won’t buy you fancy expensive gifts, but they will choose a present that will be meaningful to you, something that shows he knows you and really put an effort.

Find a lover who gives true meaning to forever – someone who shows you every day that you are his chosen person and they are not planning on leaving you.

Find a lover who reaches for your hand when you are walking down the street. Someone who pushes you closer to him and holds you tight to show you how much loves being around you.

Find a lover who is a good person. Someone who appreciates other people, and stands for those in need. Someone who wants to make the world a better place.

Find a lover with whom you will feel secure and that everything will be okay in the end.

Image: @krissana_renae