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Finding The Best Microtia Surgery NYC Providers 


The best Microtia Surgery NYC providers are within reach, you just need to know where to contact them and schedule an appointment or consultation. Not many people realize that finding specialized care is difficult, more often than not, only a handful of these experts are within your geographical location, and even if finding them is not the problem, trying to secure an appointment in this pandemic will be. Given the diversity of people in this area and that microtia may be more common than originally thought of, a microtia surgery NYC provider is very much needed to provide adequate care to everyone who may be suffering from microtia. Microtia is a physical condition in which one of the ears is deformed.

The condition is more common to newborns and has various severity ranging from a simple deformity of the outer ear to hot having any outer ear at all. The condition can also occur with adults who may have had an accident or cancer which affected the outer ear. The only way to correct the deformity for those who are missing their outer ears is reconstructive surgery while a simple deformity of any part of the outer ear can be treated in babies using a specially designed molder. Although treatment for the condition exists and is available, finding a clinic and someone to do it is a bit more complicated. The biggest hurdle is the limitations brought about by the pandemic in how we access medical care and services. Thus, it is better to be equipped with the right information so that one can finally get the treatment that you or your loved one needs. 

What Is The Best Microtia Surgery NYC Provider? 

Microtia is not a rare condition, some people may even have it all their lives but did not affect them at all, since most of the time, only the appearance of the outer ear is problematic, the function of the inner ear is not affected. However, for those whose microtia is visible and worse than most, getting ear reconstructive surgery is the only way to get treatment. As such, finding the best microtia surgery NYC provider that can perform the ear reconstructive surgery is of paramount importance. You would not want to settle for anyone who is less of an expert in their field and should be the best in it. The best provider for this service should have the training and years of experience in doing it, as well as being board certified and is recognized by state and federal bodies attest to the expertise of the specialist.

Moreover, the clinic should be manned by qualified staff and nurses who are also experts in providing care and assistance to all patients of any age. Most importantly, the clinic should be able to provide information and answer questions as honestly as they can to help alleviate the worry and anxiety of the patients and their families. The microtia surgery NYC provider should also be able to discuss the treatment options of the patients and the associated risks that come with the procedure as well as the financial costs and whether it is covered by insurance or not. Patients should also be given ample time to decide and choose which course of action to take and should not be made to feel that their concerns are not important or valid. All in all, getting medical treatment is stressful and sometimes agonizing, the best microtia surgery NYC provider should not be any of these things.

What Kind of Surgery Do Microtia Surgery NYC Providers Perform?

Microtia surgery NYC providers specialize in ear reconstructive surgery for patients who have absent outer ears or a condition known as microtia. Although relatively common among newborns, it is still disconcerting to see someone without an ear, but more often than not, their sense of hearing is just fine. To address the microtia, these specialists provide ear reconstructive surgery using a relatively new technique perfected by one of the physicians in the area. The surgeon uses cadaveric tissue that is safe to use and has fewer chances of being rejected by the body.

This tissue is used to shape an ear much like the other one that the patient has. As the cartilage is shaped to resemble the lost ear, it is then surgically attached to the head in an in-clinic procedure which lasts from two to four hours for adults, and about two hours for very young children. Real ear reconstructive surgery has had its share of successes and it has tremendously improved several lives, although very young children will not remember it as much, having a less than the normal ear can quickly change the way people view you. Thus, it is important to be able to provide the right kind of treatment at the right time or at the most opportune age. For those adults who suddenly have to deal with microtia, getting surgery will provide a semblance of normality. Either way, the surgery should only be done by the most qualified specialist.

Getting an Appointment With Microtia Surgery NYC Providers 

Getting an appointment with the best microtia surgery NYC providers takes a lot more effort than most as there are very few providers in the area and there seems to be no shortage of patients needing the expertise of these providers. The first thing to do is to try getting into the waiting list of the clinic, the patient can sign up, email, or call the clinic to secure a spot on the waiting list. If all is well, in about a week or two you will be called to come for an initial interview with the specialist.

During the initial interview, the physician will assess the level or degree of severity of the microtia and from them on will be able to identify which treatment option will be suitable for the babies and the adult patients, whichever the case may be. After deciding to choose surgery, the child is then prepared for the surgery, this is where specific instructions regarding the pre-surgery care and aftercare are discussed and this must be followed to the letter.