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The First Thing You See In These Pictures Reveals Your Hidden Fear


Fear is a natural response to a threatening situation. It’s our body’s way of telling us that we are in danger. However, not every fear we have is showing up on the surface. Some fears are hidden deeply in us – in our subconsciousness.

Below are 3 pictures. Look at them and decide what did you see first. Then read on and find more about your subconscious fears.


If the thing you saw first is the knife, then you fear terminal illnesses. You fear and worry that you might pass out at any moment. This fear is deeply integrated into your subconscious that you tend to feel anxious and suffering without even knowing why.


Noticing the caterpillar first means that you subconsciously fear the paranormal. You might probably have ‘phasmophobia’ (fear of ghosts), and you believe that there are forces around you that are of malevolent nature.


Those who first saw the butterfly have a subconscious fear of betrayal. Maybe they have been betrayed in the past, and this fear has integrated deeply inside them. So, they subconsciously fear that they would be betrayed again.


Spotting the apple first means that you subconsciously fear to see your loved ones dying. You fear the suffering you’ll experience when a person you love dies, probably because you’ve already lost someone, and you fear of going through the same pain again.


If you noticed the little girl first, you have a hidden fear of making a big decision. Perhaps you have experienced a childhood trauma that has made you feel anxious and stressed every time you find yourself having to decide something important.


If you spotted the strawberry first, you are probably in a complicated relationship right now and you fear that your partner may not be the right choice for you. On a subconscious level, you fear that you are in a wrong relationship or, if you are single, you fear that you’ll never find true love.


The butterfly stands for a missed opportunity. Deep down you fear that you missed something that you will never have a chance to replace or find something like that.


If you saw the trees first, it means that you subconsciously have a fear of dealing with a problem or a conflict that you’ve been avoiding a long time. This conflict or problem could be depression or even guilt.


Even though there is no concrete skull in the picture, some people can see an optical illusion of a skull. This means that they have a subconscious fear letting others down and disappointing them. The skull can also be a symbol of a hidden fear of death.


The girl reveals your hidden fear of helplessness. This fear might have been integrated into you in the past when you probably have found yourself in a situation in which you couldn’t change the outcome of something which happened to you or someone close to you.


The skull in this picture doesn’t symbolize a fear of death. The skull here means that you are suppressing a secret and you subconsciously fear that your secret will be revealed.


Those people that noticed the trees first have a subconscious fear of the future and what it may bring. They fear the unpredictability of life and their future.


 If you noticed the figure in the background, it means that you value your privacy over anything, so this figure symbolizes you hidden fear of being exposed publicly.