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The First Thing You See Reveals The Hidden Flaws Of Your Personality That Hold You Back In Life


Look at this photo below and decide which thing you saw first. Then read on to discover what the thing you saw first reveals about your personality and what holds you back in life.


The tree is the center of the photo. If the tree is the first thing you saw, it means that you are a person who wants to find the meaning of life. You use your brain instead of your heart. Using your logic helps you succeed in your career. Also, you tend to think before deciding something and you usually make smart and good decisions.

However, concentrating only on your logic can make you forget about your emotions. And your emotions are essential to your well-being as well. Be careful to not fall into this trap of following only your head and not giving to yourself what your heart desires.

Also, logical thinking could not give you all the things you truly want because you are not taking risks. And not taking risks is what holds you back in life. So, let yourself be more spontaneous and open to experience new things. Get out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to reach your full potential.


The gorilla occupies the left side of the picture and it represents the masculine energy. This means that you probably have problems with your self-confidence. Perhaps you have put a lot of pressure on yourself and got disappointed when things didn’t turn out to be as you planned.

You tend to be very hard on yourself (even belittle yourself) when you fail at something. You barely find time for yourself because you are always busy doing something.

So, make sure to focus more on yourself and your needs and less on other people’s needs. This will improve your self-confidence and provide you with new perspectives in life. Nurture your soul, not your ego and you will be okay.


If you saw the lion first, it means that you have an impulsive nature. The lion is placed on the right side of the picture and it represents the feminine energy. This means that you follow your emotions and your intuition instead of your logic.

However, your way of entertainment and excitement can sometimes hurt others even if it is unintentionally. But on the inside, you are a very kind and good person. You only need more concentration and direction in life.

You want to be successful more than anything and your wild nature does not follow the crowd. Your sense of individuality is very high, and you always choose to trust your gut when you make a decision no matter if it is good or bad. But, you should let others help you sometimes. It may turn out to be a great thing for you.


If you noticed the fish first, it means that you hide your true nature from other people because you think they could never understand you. The fish also represents your contradicting nature.

Other people see a completely different person because you are successfully hiding your real personality. But anyway, you are still living your life the best way you know. You love life, you love people, you love nature. You are a genuine person who treats everyone with respect.

However, you should try to be more open with people. You should let others more into your life because that’s the only way you can form meaningful bonds with them. And maintaining a deep connection with others is one of the most important things in life.

What did you see first? Tell us in the comments.