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Five Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Scaling


Scaling a business is at least as difficult as starting one. If scaling and maintaining the growth was easy, over 50% of businesses wouldn’t shut down in their first five years. As a business leader, you have to learn about scaling the right way, predict the future, and deal with new unexpected problems efficiently. Your challenges will only increase as you grow, and one mistake could be more than enough to close down the entire company. This article has discussed some of the most common mistakes businesses make when scaling. 

Not Retaining Good Employees

It’s difficult enough to attract skilled professionals, retaining them is another challenge. Your workforce might start leaving the firm if you keep increasing their responsibilities without any reward. They must feel that the growth of the company is also beneficial for them. Allow them to grow with the company and resolve all their issues to improve the retention rate. Furthermore, you should follow the tips by GetVoIP.com to decrease the churn rate of your company for better scaling. 

You Are Busy in Little Things

The business leader has to monitor everything himself at the start of the business. He has to look into every little detail and even ensure the quality of service himself. While this is necessary and works great for a small business, you will have to learn to trust others when scaling. 

You won’t be able to focus on the bigger picture and deal with real problems if you have engaged yourself in little issues. If you need new people, let the head of that department and HR manager worry about it. You need to study the market and audience and make important decisions after your own thorough homework. 

Promoting the Old Guys

Every company has pioneers that joined the company when it was nothing. They deserve appreciation for their work, but promotion might not be the right way to do that. Just because they were the first to come doesn’t mean they are the most skilled in their professions. If they are leading a department, you won’t be able to get people who are more skilled than them. 

Give them bigger shares but only the most skilled and experienced person who has explored the market should be given the senior position. A business can’t scale if it can’t hire and retain competitive professionals. Pioneers can get in the way of experienced professionals and the success of the company. 

Not Investing in Branding

You might not be the most competitive business in the industry, but you have to act like it. When you are scaling, your competition gets stronger. You have to build a brand to be able to compete in the big leagues. A firm will only be able to score big clients if it has built a reputation. 

This is why you should invest in building a strong brand image. Your clients will trust your skills and are more likely to admire your work if they already have a good impression of you. This also includes providing quality customer service to all your existing clients. They should feel like you care about them. 

Ignoring Future Problems

Most new entrepreneurs are really good problem solvers. They deal with the issues as they come, and they succeed most of the time. However, they ignore the fact that they need to anticipate those issues ahead of time. These challenges will only get tougher with time and you might not be able to deal with them on the spot. 

You should learn to predict big future problems and prepare for them. If you see the demand for a product or service going down, you should be prepared to pivot before your business gets knocked out of the market. Only the leader of the company that has built it from scratch would be able to anticipate and analyze such big future problems.