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Flinging Cheese At Babies’ Faces Is The Latest Challenge Taking The Internet By Storm


A bizarre social media challenge is taking the internet by storm: flinging slices of American cheese at babies’ faces and then posting their reactions on social media so that everyone can see them.

While some people have played this prank on their siblings, dads, moms, grandparents, and dogs, unfortunately, the general “victim” is babies.

If you search for videos showing this bizarre prank on the internet, you’ll see that the unsuspecting babies have different reactions. Some try to eat the cheese, some smile through it, and others look utterly confused.

Although this challenge is not a form of child abuse, Sandy Santana, Children’s Rights executive director, cautioned parents about this prank. She said:

“This phenomenon is not child abuse and is generally not meant to harm the child. But parents should, first and foremost, treat their children with care. Throwing cheese at helpless babies can, in some cases, shock them and lead to unnecessary discomfort. Is that really worth a few social media likes?”

Famous model and a mother of two, Chrissy Teigen, also didn’t approve of this challenge. In a Twitter post, she said: “I love a prank as much as anybody, but I cannot get myself to throw cheese at my adorable, unsuspecting baby who has all the hope and trust in the world in me.”

However, one mom from New York, Lauren Jorgenson, found this challenge pretty interesting and gladly participated in it. “You gotta learn how to live a little. He isn’t upset. It’s not like I threw a bag of flour at his face. We all have our different ways of parenting, mine’s just a little cheesy!” – this woman said of her child.

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