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For the Team: 4 Reasons Your Company Needs Outdoor Activities


The numbers confirm emerging working arrangements. At least 70 percent of people worldwide work away from the office and in their homes, rental offices, etc. once a week, according to CNBC. The same report reveals that over 50 percent spend more than half of their week telecommuting.

Whether your employees spend all day in the office or have the flexibility to work anywhere else, it’s a great idea to send them outdoors once in a while. It’s not solely a matter of fun; the move for more outdoor activities goes as deep as a way of boosting employee engagement, productivity, and satisfaction. And these reasons speak in favor of taking your workers out for a day of fun, learning, and volunteer work.

Awaken and Build the Team Spirit

It’s true that your workforce is doing a great job despite your work arrangements. You have tools that monitor their deliverables, such as CMS, and reports from the direct managers. You are also on videoconferences and online meetings regularly to discuss statistics and other concerns that affect the workflow.

Amid all these processes measuring efficiency and performance, there is one avenue that you can explore so your employees can work better. If you need more convincing about outdoor activities being good for your organization in the long run, these reasons build their case.

Reason No. 1: Your Team Can Take a Break

Working from home is a dream that doesn’t work at all times. Common issues that arise from being home-based and coworking are dealing with distractions, losing the line between work and private time, and missing human interaction. People working in the office also have to deal with commuting on top of meeting deadlines.

Against this backdrop, let your employees take time off their computers and enjoy another view outside of spreadsheets, documents, and screens with their coworkers. It will rest their minds even for a day and allow them to come back refreshed and motivated to work.

Reason No. 2: Your Team Can Brainstorm

Is it just you, or do you feel that there is a dearth of viable ideas from the marketing folks? A change of scenery may help clear their minds and come up with fresh concepts and pitches. You can do your next brainstorming session where it is open, airy, and conducive for an exchange of ideas.

You can moderate the meeting from where you are with your laptop and Polycom CX5500. Add your members to the call and engage in a round-table discussion with the outdoors as a beautiful backdrop. For a seamless flow of ideas, ensure all ends have a good, working internet connection.  

Reason No. 3: Your Team Can Break Down Barriers

For all the games people play, outdoor team buildings are known to break the ice and the barriers that may have emerged because of personality classes or tensions, perhaps. And while chat groups and emails are ever helpful, some things are better explained in person.

Getting people together for games gives them an opportunity to mingle and build rapport. Whether the activities involve physical strength or a sit-down affair like the truth-and-lies game, the goal is for everyone to huddle and enjoy. These outdoor games are also excellent venues for small talks that can clear up misconceptions.

Reason No. 4: Your Team Can Get a Sense of Purpose

Some of your workers may feel isolated, like a lone wolf that exists solely for himself or herself. One effective way to deal with this disassociation in the workplace is by recognizing their worth and accomplishments. Ultimately, build a company culture that makes your workers feel engaged and valued, and add volunteerism to your corporate social responsibility practices.

Allow your employees to take the day off with pay to volunteer in their chosen charity, join coastal cleanups, or participate in meaningful activities for the community. This outdoor activity does good for their mental health and gives them a sense of purpose, as the linked Forbes article notes.

When your employees are satisfied and given opportunities for growth, they strive hard or even exceed their current performance. When’s your next company outing?