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Former Google Career Coach Reveals A Practical Trick For Figuring Out What To Do With Your Life


Do you often ask yourself if you are doing the right things in your life? Do you feel clustered and anxious at times, like you haven’t figured out your stuff yet? If you feel this way, don’t worry. We’ve all been there.

The good thing is that with all the information that internet provides nowadays, it is easy to search for advice that is relevant and useful to you. However, you must be very selective and careful when it comes to choosing the advice that you’ll decide to follow.

In order to help you make this important choice that will serve you to figure out what to do with your life and how to better it, we’ve chosen the valuable advice of Jenny Blake, a former Google Career coach.    

Jenny Blake is a job strategist who has helped thousands of people to find their dream jobs. She says that if you want your life to be exciting – you must design it to be that way.  

She advises drawing a visual map of your goals and interests. This activity is easy and it doesn’t take long to complete, but it will definitely help you in organizing your thoughts and figure out your next activities – be it a career change, or a new hobby.

You can start with writing down the year at the center of your paper. Then, you can draw spokes of all themes that are relevant to you. For instance, your spokes could include personal life, business life, skill building, hobbies, health and fitness, and so on.

Next, you can expand those themes by adding additional spokes with ways of how you want to improve those aspects of your life.

According to Blake, the best way to do this is to ask yourself these questions: “What’s important to me about that? And what does success look like?” 

For example, under personal life, you could write: “Have a dinner date with your friends once a month.” Or, “Take a trip once in every six months.”

In her book “Pivot – The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One”, Blake writes that this visual technique is extremely useful and is definitely working because it makes you think and visualize the things you want to change in your life and how you can improve those things.

“With mind mapping you are taking pen to paper, going old-school,” says Blake.

Besides, if you are like the majority of people who spends too much time sitting and staring at the computer, this drawing activity might be fun for you.

 “The goal is to break out of linear thinking,” Blake continues. “Go broad. Go big. Go sideways, and then experiment to see which of your ideas is most likely to lead to a resonant next step.” 


Source: CNBC