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Frequent Ringing In Ears Is A Sign Of Higher Spiritual Awareness – Here’s What You Need To Know


Hearing these frequencies is something beyond ordinary perception and comes as a result of a heightened spiritual awareness.

If you are on the path of spiritual growth and you start experiencing this phenomenon, don’t be afraid – as it is an excellent sign. Ringing in your ears that happens frequently is something not many experience.

You may call it clairaudience, as you can indeed hear things that are beyond the ordinary perception. And depending on the pitch, the frequencies you hear are there to help or hinder your soul’s enlightenment.

Being able to notice these very subtle energetic frequencies has got a lot to do with your evolved perception of energies. This means that people who are not that spiritually evolved may not hear them at all, or could hear only the lower frequencies.

These frequencies are coded messages of something that is trying to vie your attention. And depending on the feelings they provoke, you can easily tell the benevolent from the malevolent ones.


These frequencies are usually characterized with a higher pitch, causing feelings of joy, calmness, and ease. If you cannot hear them that doesn’t mean that they are not there. However, if you do hear them, you can further focus on the energy they bring and the spiritual coding that is taking place.

This spiritual coding is a process through which your frequency and DNA receive upgrades. That means that if you hear this frequency, be ready to accept it with gratitude.

High frequencies are also associated with other people. More precisely, if you hear these high frequencies more loudly and at a very high pitch, someone may be talking or thinking something very positive about you.

In either case, they are accompanied by positive feelings and bring a wave of positive, benevolent energy to your being.


Low-pitched frequencies that usually cause disturbing feelings mean that you are in a wave of negative energy. However, being able to hear them, you have the upper hand in handling your shield and creating a barrier of positive energy that will either neutralize or repel the negative influence.

Just like the benevolent frequencies, the malevolent ones can come from two sources – dark forces and people.

You need to be very careful if the ringing is caused by dark forces, as this frequency will most likely inspire negative and destructive emotions.

As much as you believe that you are energetically strong, you should be aware that these forces are much stronger than you and that you need to seek protection from the higher forces you call upon.

In the case of people, hearing loud, low-pitched buzzing means that they are projecting anger toward you. While it is not that important who the person is, it is important that you accept this truth with love and create protection from such psychic.

It’s very important that you don’t give in to the negative emotions this energy wave is trying to cause. Responding negatively means that the low frequency has succeeded in hindering your spiritual growth. Instead, respond with love and send light to replace the darkness that is trying to reach you.


Sometimes the ringing may become too loud. This is a sign that you are exceptionally sensitive to the energies around you. In this case, you may even feel your mood swinging, being overly affected by the energies.

However, there is a way to tune it down, if you cannot cope with it at the moment. Simply, ask for your Higher Self and the forces you usually call upon to tone it down and give you protection. Sometimes we need to learn to control the intake of information from around us, as it can become too overwhelming.

Whatever the case, know that being able to hear these frequencies gives you the control over them. They have started manifesting themselves in sound because you have evolved highly enough to start communicating with them.

Consider them as an important part of your spiritual growth and learn the codes that they carry. Eventually, you will find yourself being in control of the energies around you and you will be able to calm even the biggest storm that you are sensing (energetically speaking).

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