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To My Friends Who Still Love Me Even If We Don’t Talk Every Day


To all my friends with whom I know I share a special bond that time and space can’t weaken or break – thank you for being a part of my life.

Because I know that you think about me as much as I think about you, no matter how far we are or how long we haven’t heard from each other – thank you for that special connection.

Because no matter how many times I was in the shittiest mood, you were there to cheer me up, even if it wasn’t your day – thank you for your selflessness.

Because whatever I wanted to do, you encouraged me, even if it was the silliest thing imaginable – thank you for your endless support.

Because you never wanted me to change and accepted me as I am, just as I accept you for every perfections and flaws – thank you for being true and accepting.

Because you never let the negative moments ruin our friendship and we always fought together to make things right again – thank you for your persistence.

Because you were never there only when the weather was fair, and stayed next to me through all of my storms – thank you for the beautiful journey.

Because you trusted me even when I didn’t have a way to explain why you should – thank you for understanding me.

Because every time I thought of you, you would call and say hello – thank you for that crazy telepathy.

Because I was never perfect, and you always knew how to forgive me and help me grow – thank you for being gentle with me.

Because whenever I wanted to give up, you never allowed me to and made me realize that I could do it – thank you for the strength you gave me.

You made me grow and become someone better, and we grew together but never grew out of each other.

And I know that no matter how far we might be from one another, no matter how much time we don’t hear from each other – we will always pick up from where we left off with the same love and intensity.

Thank you for being you.