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Friendship May Be The Truest Form Of Love


When it comes to friends and true friendships, I’ve been thinking ever since I was growing up that this area of my life will always be easy. That I would always be surrounded by true friends no matter what.

However, this is not always how the things turn out to be. While growing up, I have become more reserved and careful with people who I call my friends. It has become much harder for me to begin to trust someone truly and let them in my life.

And I think it is even harder to find people who will never leave your side. But the hardest thing is to have a friend who doesn’t recognize you nor do they respect you. This is the sign that you should leave that friendship because it is a toxic one.

However, if you are among those people who are lucky to have one or two friends that you can count on anytime – consider yourself lucky and thank them for their presence and love.

Because it is always better to have one friend that you know will have your back every time than a bunch of fake friends that are only there when things are rosy but leave as soon as they see the thorns.

The thing is, I don’t think that anyone can be so self-sufficient that they could make all on their own. It is in our nature to be among people, to help each other, to ask for help. Most importantly, you should remember that you are not weak if you ask for guidance and help, but you should know that only those who really care about you will be always there to help you.

It seems like nowadays the hardest thing is to find true friendship. The one that would last until the end. One that is not corrupted by betrayal and lies. A friendship in which both friends have the best interests at heart for one another.

If you are lucky to have found your true friend – cherish them. Thank them for their presence and the love they gave you. Because real friendships are forever indeed, and it may be the truest form of love that there is.