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From Controllers to Couples: How Gaming Impacts Relationships


Gaming has garnered much interest from players regardless of their background, gender, and age group. This is majorly a result of its collaborative nature and ability to present itself as an engaging activity. It is natural for people to share their favorite habits and pastime activities with the people they love.

Gaming is no exception. Video games are now so popular amongst gamers that they try to include them in their relationships. This can bring about a variety of responses and potentially significantly impact the relationships involved. The effects are either positive or negative depending on the circumstances. Here are some ways games impact relationships.

A Fun Escape 

It is often assumed that gamers consist primarily of teenagers, i.e. Gen Z. But studies have shown that Millennials are more prone to spend their time gaming than their Gen Z counterparts. Regarding relationships, certain things are best shared and experienced together.

Gaming is such an engaging activity that it has easily become an integral part of gamers’ lives and daily routines. It is not just seen as only a hobby but more of a lifestyle. Since Millennials grew up when the gaming industry began booming, it is a relatively easy lifestyle to incorporate into their daily lives and even their relationships.

Regardless of the generation most interested in gaming, playing games is a stress reliever. Gaming together can help couples relax and unwind, reducing tension or stress.

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The Experience of Shared Interest

Couples often have a common interest in the same things; instead, this goes a long way to strengthen the relationship, depending on how they navigate the situation. Couples with the same interest in gaming will likely spend more time together. 

They could grow closer in their relationship while providing a common and familiar ground for bonding. When playing games, there is always a set goal which, when achieved, helps to give a sense of fulfillment; this could pose a great experience to share with your partner. When done right, having a shared love for gaming is bound to be a fun way to spend time with your partner, allowing you both to build your collaborative and teamwork skills. 

The Possibility of Exclusion 

Gamers often develop close friendships and tightly-knit communities of like-minded gamers. When couples share a love for gaming, even though they may tend to spend time playing games together, there is the possibility that they each belong to their online communities. 

Their online relationships with other gamers could threaten their relationship, especially in cases where one partner feels left out of conversations or activities carried out in the other partner’s online communities. In the case where one partner is a non-gamer, this situation is likely because the other partner’s love for gaming could create a rift in their relationship. This could lead to feelings of neglect and jealousy, causing strain in the relationship.

To bridge this gap, couples should try to carry their partners along, but in cases where one partner is uninterested in games, creating a balance between your gaming time and time to spend on your love could handle the feeling of being left out.

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Gaming is a fun activity to experience and share with your partner and loved ones because of the common ground it provides for bonding. However, introducing gaming into your relationship is more than just a bed of roses. It can impact your relationship positively or negatively. 

With the possibility of a fun escape, the experience of shared interest, and the probability of exclusion, balance in relationships is vital to avoid overindulgence in gaming and promote the beauty of gaming.