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Full Moon And Lunar Eclipse In Leo (January 31st) – What Changes Will Bring To Every Zodiac Sign


On January 31st there will be a Supermoon as well as total Lunar Eclipse in Leo. This rare astrological event will affect all of us.

As Venus becomes also affected by this Lunar Eclipse, love, arts, and beauty will also be affected by this up-coming Eclipse. This influence will motivate you and bring many benefits to your life even though you may not see them now.

These changes will be effective until this year’s next Lunar Eclipse that will happen on July 27. Don’t worry if these changes make you feel unpleasant and unbalanced right now – after this Ecliptic period ends it will all fall into place and you will see the benefits.

Libra and Virgo will be the luckiest ones during this time, while Leo, Cancer, And Taurus will be the ones that will be the most stressed.

Forecast For ARIES

You will need to make certain changes in your financial management because you will start fearing an up-coming financial crisis. This situation will make you feel stressed and anxious even though your fears may not become a reality. Best is to stay calm and grounded because no matter how scary and dangerous your situation may seem, this Eclipse will not cause any serious problems in your finances.

Your love life will also be affected. Dysfunctional relationships will come to its end. And stable relationships will be faced with some problems, but these problems will make the relationship stronger if partners decide to face them together and solve them. All in all, if you manage to keep your calm all these changes in your love life will turn out to be for the better.

Forecast For TAURUS

As the month comes to its end, your focus will be on your career. So, the following Lunar Eclipse will challenge you in this aspect of your life. You will suddenly have too many things to do, but not enough time and that will make you stressed. Also, you will need to make important decisions and act upon them. Changing your attitude or your work tactic will be of utmost importance for you during the days to come.

However, the biggest trouble for you in this period will be the Eclipse’s way of taking your focus away from your career goals. In other words, you may need to focus more on your home and family member as they will face some troubles and you will need to pay them more attention. These negative occurrences will unsettle you. Also, your computer, phone, and your car will all be essential for you during this Ecliptic time.

And your love life? Luckily, it’s all good there. You should only take care of your health. Make the needed changes in your diet and your workout routine and you’ll be fine.

Forecast For GEMINI

You might face problems in the means of communication and transportation as well as if your job is connected with any of those. So, back-up your computer and check your car. Moreover, your close friends or siblings may face some problems and this may stress you. But don’t get too overwhelmed. Instead, try listening and just being there for them.

Finally, this Lunar Eclipse will start to take its toll on your finances. If you’ve faced some issues there, now they will become bigger. Also, new problems may appear. You should avoid overspending because you may soon find yourself in need of money. Begin by correcting your financial management and strategies to be safe.

Forecast For CANCER

You should try to relax as much as you can because this Lunar Eclipse would be challenging for you in a variety of ways and this is natural because the Moon is your ruler. So, it is essential for you to find time to rest and relax during this difficult time.

You should find the power within you to redefine yourself. Let go of the past and start the healing process. Ask yourself what is the thing that is holding you back and try to change it. The more you work on bettering yourself, the more you will be rewarded on the Lunar Eclipse in July.

Be careful with your finances. You shouldn’t make any mistake there because it will cost you.

Forecast For LEO

You need to pay close attention to your health during this Lunar Eclipse. Make sure you eat, sleep, and rest well. Listen to the needs of your body and take good care of you. Moreover, your trying to redefine your public image and regain the lost spotlight will continue until the Lunar Eclipse in July, but it will now begin in an unsettling, unbalanced and forceful way. There is no need for you to be upset, your determination and courage will pay off.

Your spiritual path can also undergo certain changes. You may realize that your spiritual teachers or schools are not the ones that you believe in. Even if you are a loner and follow your own path, you may experience changes in your beliefs as well. You should embrace this change and not fear it because these changes will be beneficial for you in the long run.

Forecast For VIRGO

You will the luckiest sign during this Eclipse, so the energy won’t affect you strongly. If your work, however, involves spirituality you may experience a change of beliefs there. Other than that, nothing will change drastically in your life. As you may know, the Ecliptic period only causes problems because of the intensity of energies that not many can handle. So, by remaining calm you will manage to get the most out of these energies.

Your love life will also be unaffected by this Eclipse. Bear in mind, however, to be patient and understanding with your partner because they may be dealing with some problems on their own thus may not be always in a good mood. On the other hand, friendship will become affected by the Eclipse, and not in a pleasant way. Unstable friendships will end, and the others will face some serious problems. Healing the issues between them is crucial if you want your friendship to last.

Forecast For LIBRA

This Lunar Eclipse will affect your friendships as they will face some problems. However, it will probably be your friends that will face some issues and they will share them with you, and not your friendship with them. So, just try to support them and be there for them.

Beware of any phone, computer, or other gadget’s malfunction. Phone lines and the internet connection could also be affected and cause you trouble. And when it comes to your finances, there won’t be any problems there and the same is true for your work. Only, you may need to spend money on buying certain gadgets to replace the malfunctioning ones.

Forecast For SCORPIO

As this month proceeds, career becomes the most important aspect of every Scorpio’s life. They will experience changes in this area and luckily for the better. New jobs and promotions would take place that is previously approved by the stars. The whole sky is focusing on your career and helps you to find your path, so embrace it! In rare cases, you might be forced to leave your job, and even though that would be an unpleasant circumstance for you, you will soon find that it was necessary to set you on the path towards an even better job.

Also, your beliefs and ideas will change during this Ecliptic time. What you considered once to be correct and good for you, will no longer be so. You will correct your spiritual path and your inner beliefs for the better, of course.


It is always a good choice to skip unnecessary traveling during a time of an Eclipse. Even more so if it happens to affect that area of your life, and that is exactly what this Eclipse will do for you. So, avoid traveling at all costs.

The feeling of death may be also strong. You will most likely find yourself in dangerous situations, fearing for your life. Some things in you will die, but this is important for your future growth and making place for the new and better things that are on your way. Don’t worry, you will feel much calmer after this Ecliptic period is over.

Changes in your job are also possible.

Forecast For CAPRICORN

Avoid any dangerous situations and activities during this Lunar Eclipse, Capricorn. This includes drug abuse, fast driving, or any dangerous sport. The danger will also be present in your sex life, so try to be safe there also. Take good care of your genitals’ hygiene and health. If you have a secret affair, it may be revealed during this period, so be careful.

Changes will happen not only in your sexual relationships but also in any kind of romantic relationships. You will face many challenges there, and if you are married your marriage may be at risk. Probably the problems would arise due to stress or financial troubles that your partner faces. So, keep your mind open and stay calm. Do not rush into decisions.

Forecast For AQUARIUS

Your love life will be put to test by this Lunar Eclipse. Your relationship may suddenly become a battlefield. Every hurt, every suppressed emotion will now come to the surface, crying for attention. So, try to handle these situations as smoothly as possible. They are most likely there to teach you a lesson and heal your relationship, not to end it. Some relationship may end, of course, but only those that were unstable for quite some time. And if you are single, you may start feeling lonely and be careful not to fall into depression.

Jobs are also affected by this Lunar Eclipse. Avoid delaying decisions just as much as making hasty decisions. You should also pay close attention to your health. Rest more, sleep better, change your diet and you’ll be fine.

Forecast For PISCES

Pisces, be careful because this Eclipse will affect your health. So, pay as much attention as you can. Start by changing your diet, your workout routine, and your sleeping schedule.

Your work will also undergo some changes during this period. If you are an employer, you may realize that your personnel has changed. If you work for others, however, you may change your job. Whatever the case is, the changes will be for the better. Your finances will be stable, but finances of the younger members of your family may face some troubles and you might feel the need to intervene and help them.

Finally, no matter what your Zodiac sign is, STAY CALM during this Eclipse and wait for the benefits to unveil on their own.