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Fun Test: The Thing You See First Says A Lot About Your Current Situation


Personality tests are always an exciting thing to do. Sometimes we are happy with the results; sometimes we are not – but either way, it is a great way to have some fun.

Look closely at the pictures below and decide what you first saw in the picture. Then read on to find out what the thing you saw first says about your personality and your perception of life as well as your current state of mind.


If you first see a car, it means that freedom is essential to you. You like to move at your own pace in life, and you want things to go your way.

The car also represents your ability to go into details and analyze deeply any situation. This quality can be sometimes dangerous because it can cloud your judgment, especially if you find yourself in a bad situation.

And while being detail-oriented is an excellent ability that one can have, you should remember to look at the bigger picture from time to time to gain perspective.


If you first see a man with binoculars, it means that in life you always tend to look at the bigger picture and you do not bother with going into details.

And because the man is over the whole picture, you are more likely to absorb information in quick glances instead of thinking it through.

While being able to see the bigger picture is a good thing, sometimes it is important to look at the details too.


This letter is the hardest one to spot. If you are among few who saw it first, it means that you have a rare ability to see things that others can’t.

You are very intuitive, and you think outside of the box which makes you a perfect detective for solving crimes and figuring out murders.



If you are a girl and you saw the girl first, prepare for some wonderful events happening to you in the future. The girl in the picture is looking upwards, so are you – your positive attitude and your hope that you hold in your heart can be infectious to anyone around you. Also, it means that you are happy with who you are and in touch with your inner self. It is also a sign of confidence and independence.

If you are a boy and you saw the girl first, it means that very often your mind is fixated on the opposite sex. There is maybe one particular girl that is on your mind that causes you happiness or distress, and you desperately tend to get validation from her. Either way, best is to focus on improving yourself and your self-confidence, and all will fall into place.


If you are a girl and you saw the guy’s face first, it shows your desire for a romantic partner, or if you have a partner, it shows your connection with him. You are often thinking about him which is a good thing. The guy in the picture represents healthy changes in your love life that will take place soon.

If you are a guy and you saw the guy first, it means that you are concerned about some guy at work, or some friend or even you are worried about your sports team. Either way, you are not at ease, and you need to discuss and try to solve the thing that worries you and let it go.



If you first see the crocodile, which is very likely, you are practical, and you don’t like to take risks in life. You leave a cautious life, and you tend to focus more on the negative aspects instead on the positive. Try to relax and enjoy yourself and your life more.


If you were able to see the boat first, it means that you have an eye for details and nothing can run past you without you noticing it. It also shows your creative side and your unique way to find a solution to any problem or situation.



If you saw the old man first, you are highly empathetic and sensitive person. And since to see the man first you need to look at the picture from the right, it means that you are using your right side of the brain. And because this side of the brain is the creative one, and it shows that you have an artistic nature.


If you saw the woman first, it means that you are mostly using your left side of the brain which is logical and analytical – just like you. You tend to always think twice and analyze the situation carefully before you jump in and make a decision. However, you are also an optimist, a believer, and a healer too – people like to come to you for advice. You just need to control your perfectionist’s side and everything will be fine.



If you first see the pillars in the image, it means that you are deep into your comfort zone and this may be the reason why you can’t achieve all that you want in life. You need to step out of your comfort zone and see the world differently to gain new perspectives. The pillars also show that you are a dreamy and romantic person and you tend to miss out important details.


If you saw the silhouettes of the men first, it means that you haven’t got any constraints in life. You live your life full and effortlessly and it is easy for you to make new friends and connect with people. Also, you are a sensitive and kind person, and you like to help those in need.



If you see the faces first, it means that you are an extrovert – a people person. You are profoundly influenced by external stimuli and energies, and that is why it is vital for you to surround yourself only with positive and supportive people. Don’t allow negative, demanding and criticizing people around you because they will suck out all your positive energy.


The candlestick shows that you are an introvert who prefers the comfort of their own home more than anything. You find your motivation and purpose behind closed doors, and you enjoy your alone time.



The woman in the picture is in a defensive position with her knees bent and her hands on her head. If you saw the woman first, it means that you feel emotionally drained right now. The woman also stands for inner regret. You may be in a difficult period of your life, or you are faced with a major decision that you need to make.

The woman can also be a sign that you are in a toxic relationship. Maybe the partner is causing you stress and worry. Whatever it is you desperately need to remove yourself from the stressful situation. Change is crucial – you need to make changes in your life and focus your energy on things that make you happy.


The skull means that you currently find yourself in a hard situation that seems like there is no way out. Life is throwing you obstacles and challenges that you need to overcome to get stronger and wiser. Do not lose hope and stay strong for it will soon pass. The skull also means that you feel like you are not appreciated enough for your work.   

Source: Themindsjournal.com