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Functions of Elevator Shoes


Elevator shoes have become staple shoes in everyone’s closet for both men and women. The modern day height increasing shoe is significantly different from the traditional platform shoe or the traditional concept of insole lifts. Modern elevator shoes increase the wearer’s height invisibly meaning that the height increasing design is incorporated into the overall design of the shoes in order to give it a natural look.

People use elevator shoes for various reasons depending on their varying needs and you too can use a pair of these magic works to satisfy your distinct needs.

Height increasing

The most common use of elevator shoes is to increase the height of the wearer. GuidoMaggi raised shoes have a height increasing design on the outer sole and the insole. The outer sole entails a raised sole that is visible to the naked eye. The raised outer sole stands at a decent height in order to accentuate the wearer’s height without making the shoe ridiculously large, as was the case with traditional platform shoes.

For the height increasing insole, the inner sole of the shoe is made to be thicker than the normal shoe. This design works in a similar yet more permanent way than the insole lifts. The thick insole is a part of the shoe from the onset. As such, the design of the shoe takes into account the extra space that the insole takes up inside the shoe such that the shoe is made to be a bit bigger than normal. This means that the wearer’s feet will fit snugly inside the shoe instead of hanging awkwardly at the top due to additional insole lifts.

If you wish to add a few inches to your original height, then elevator shoes are the simplest route to take. Notably, https://www.guidomaggi.com/us/ height increasing shoes come in all shoe styles for both men and women hence you can make elevator shoes your everyday shoes.

Pain relief

Many people suffer from severe pain on their feet, ankles, and backs due to poor structure of their feet such as flat feet. Flat footed people often experience pain in their feet while doing activities including walking. This is because the arches of the feet assist in walking and running by giving you a spring in your step. Additionally, arches on the feet help in distributing your weight evenly on the feet. As such, flat-footed people often have weird walking and running styles.

If you have flat feet that are messing with your mojo, worry not because elevator shoes are here to save the day. Get yourself a pair of elevator shoes with a low height-increase of up to 2 inches. The shoes will have a soft raised insole that will cushion your feet and provide extra comfort to the fallen arches of your feet. This will give you the much needed spring in your step and distribute your weight evenly on your feet to ensure you experience maximum comfort while walking and exercising.

Additionally, elevator shoes help in correcting the wearer’s posture by enhancing comfort on the knees and back. This way the wearer of the raised shoes is able to walk straight and square their shoulders enough to improve a slouched posture. Proper posture boost’s ones confidence hence your self-esteem will hit the roof when you snag a pair of elevator shoes.

Evidently, elevator shoes are not all about vanity seeing as they aid in pain alleviation and correcting the wearer’s posture. You may benefit from one or all of the above functions of elevator shoes hence it is time to invest in these shoes for the sake of your general health and your appearance.