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Funny Story: Husband Wanted!


One lonely 70-year-old widow decided that she wants to marry again.

She put an ad in a local newspaper that read: “Husband wanted! Must be around my age, must not cheat on me and walk away from me, must not beat me, and must be good in bed. All applicants must come in person to apply.”

The next day, her doorbell rang. But she got disappointed when she saw a grey-haired man with no hands and legs sitting in a wheelchair in front of her door.

The widow said: “Are you seriously thinking I would consider you? Have you not read my ad? Look at you-you don’t even have legs!”

“So, I can’t walk away from you and cheat,” the old gentleman said with a smile.

“But you don’t have arms as well,” said the widow.

“So, you can be sure I can’t beat you,” said the old man with a smile again.

Then the old widow raised her eyebrow and said finally: “Are you good in bed?”

The old man then smiled from ear to ear and said: “How do you think I rang the bell?” ????