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Gay Adoption Now Allowed All Over U.S. Do You Agree?


Being a parent is a blessing and anyone who wants to be a parent needs to be allowed to be one. It’s harsh to be deprived of that blessing because of your personal choices in your love life.

Until recently gay couples in Mississippi were facing such problems. Luckily for them that changed when a U.S. District federal judge, Daniel Jordan, issued an injunction which says that Mississippi’s ban is unconstitutional.

With that decision, gay adoption became legal in all 50 states. Since then gay couples have the right to become parents. 

Mississippi was the last country which was enforcing the anti-gay adoption law for 16 years.

Judge Jordan said that he made his decision based on the ruling of the Supreme Court. It was confusing to him how the Supreme Court allowed same-sex marriages, because otherwise it would deny benefit, but didn’t allow them to adopt children.

This law was challenged in 2015, when the Family Equality Council, the Campaign for Southern Equality, and four Mississippi gay couples filed a complaint against it.

Roberta Kaplan, the lead attorney for the plaintiffs, said that some of the clients waited almost 9 and 16 years to become legal parents to the children they have raised since they were born.

She also added that gay couples shouldn’t be deprived of the right to be parents just because they are gay. Discrimination against gay-couples adoption now violates the Constitution in all 50 countries.

Judge Jordan’s ruling was also praised by the Human Rights Campaign’s Mississippi state director Rob Hill.

He welcomed the decision which allowed qualified gay couples in Mississippi the right to adopt children or become foster parents. Same-sex couples will be treated equally by the law, and so many children who need loving homes will now have the chance to have one.

“Adoption by couples of the same gender is prohibited” was the law which was adopted in 2000. Florida, Michigan, Alabama and Nebraska had similar laws, but they were all overturned.

Even former Mississippi Gov. Ronnie Musgrove, who signed the law, was one of the supporters for overturning it.

He said that the decision they all signed together, has made it difficult for many children who didn’t have parents and home to be raised by loving parents in happy homes in Mississippi. That broke his heart, he also added.