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Gemstones for Career – According to Zodiac Signs/Rashi


Career is the most important phase of your life that defines your future. However, professional success does not come easy. Firstly, you have to work hard to get there and accomplish your career goals. Next is the luck factor that defines your success.

Whether you are in a job or running your own business, you need a stroke of good luck with lots of hard work for reaping the benefits of a successful professional life. Since planetary movements in your birth charts have a deep impact over every aspect of your life, your career is not an exception.

And to align the planets in the best positions for long term professional growth, you need the support of zodiac gemstones. These are the crystals for each zodiac sign to bring success, contentment, and wealth to the natives. If you want to know which gemstone you should choose for your success, here they are:

Career Gemstones for Aries

The descendents of Aries are enthusiastic, brave, and extremely ambitious. They aim high for their career and excel in everything they plan. People born under the zodiac sign have exceptional mental strength that gives them ability to lead and take confident decisions. When they need support and good luck, they can rely on gemstones like bloodstone, yellow sapphire, and red coral. Each of these gemstones can create exciting opportunities and show you the right path to success.

Career Gemstones for Taurus

Since Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, descendents of this zodiac sign prefer luxury and take comfort in beauty. Hence, they are extremely career-driven to accomplish their goals for a comfortable lifestyle. Gemstones like sapphire and emerald can be your best companion on this journey to success as they protect you from distrust, greed, and envy.

Career Gemstones for Gemini

The exquisite imagination and sharp mental acuity of Gemini descendents make them extremely career-focused. This zodiac sign ruled by Mercury also gives you immense opportunities to succeed in business ventures. And you need support of zodiac gemstones like blue sapphire, agate, and emerald to get success when you need it.

Career Gemstones for Cancer

Intelligence and stubbornness are natural to the descendents of Cancer. You may be arrogant sometimes but your clear state of mind helps you succeed even in the most challenging career choices.

For support and good luck, you can rely on zodiac gemstones like pearl and red coral that can fortify your success with positive results. This zodiac sign is associated with Mars that bestow its strength and vitality on its descendents when they carry the strong energies of a natural crystal.

Career Gemstones for Leo

Leo signifies the innate power and leadership skills of lion that makes them viciously passionate and creative. With a gemstone like Onyx, you can awaken your root chakra for better stamina and self control to make tough decisions and face every challenge. The right gemstones like opal and garnet can also keep your mind clear under stressful conditions and you can make the best choices.

Career Gemstones for Virgo

You can define the people born under Virgo as practical and meticulous. They seek perfection in everything they do through in-depth planning and analysis. Carnelian, emerald, and white sapphire are the best gemstones if you want to achieve success in your career.

These gemstones will keep you grounded and lend you positive energy when you feel distracted or anxious due to constant failure and work pressures. Carnelian, in particular, is an exceptional choice for you as it motivates, protects, and inspires for working harder without giving up.

Career Gemstones for Libra

The zodiac sign of Libra represents creative and artistic abilities. The descendents of Libra are distinguished art lovers with a passion to earn money and make success in whatever field they choose. Zodiac gemstones like opal, topaz, peridot, and emerald can bless your life with new opportunities and unprecedented business success.

Career Gemstones for Scorpio

Since intuitiveness and passion are natural traits of people born under Scorpio, success in career life can’t be a distinct dream for them. However, there may be hurdles in your path and zodiac gemstones push them away. The best crystals for career development as a Scorpio descendent are beryl crystals like emerald and aquamarine that give you more confidence and soothe your intense emotions when making practical career or business decisions.

Career Gemstones for Sagittarius

As a person born under Sagittarius, you need a highly focused approach to gain professional success. Descendents of this zodiac sign are adventure seekers and risk takers who will put out themselves for anything exciting and novel. However, they need gemstones like topaz and ruby to stay grounded and achieve success.

Career Gemstones for Capricorn

The ambitious and overly disciplined descendents of Capricorn need an external force to balance their conflicting tendencies. Ruby gemstone fulfills this purpose with its fiery passion and ability to evoke the sense of positivity. When you carry this gemstone, it will transform your luck and bring a lot of success in every career decision you make.

Career Gemstones for Aquarius

If you are born under Aquarius sign, you have a free-spirited mind and intentions to change the world. You mind is full of ideas but you may not know how to implement them for success. That’s where gemstones like garnet and blue sapphire can come to your rescue. These gems can boost your intellectual abilities and promote your success in various professional aspects.

Career Gemstones for Pisces

People born under Pisces have a hyper-sensitive and imaginative mind. They need tranquilizing gemstones like amethyst and red coral to soothe their mind and emotions. For emotional stability that can lead to better decision-making, this gemstone can provide exceptional benefits. It improves your psychic abilities and helps you meditate to maintain your focus on the right perspective for career growth.

These are some gemstones for different zodiac signs. You should select the right one depending on the current planetary position in your birth charts. However, selecting the right gemstone is not all. You also need to buy it correctly in the pure and unadulterated form for positive impact.

Stores like GemPundit offer the wide variety of natural and authentic gemstones sourced from ethical mines. You can buy gemstones online from these stores with a guarantee of quality and purity, as they also offer a free lab certificate to prove the same.