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What Really Happens When We Give Kids Everything They Want


We often hear about our grandparents’ unbelievable stories about the times when they were young and how strict rules used to be and how they didn’t have anything material or over the top cell phone or expensive racing cars, and somehow they turned out to be just perfect.

Only children who don’t have any brothers or sisters are known to be spoilt. An adjective given to people who are accustomed to receive any material thing that they will imagine and at the top of it, they don’t know how to share anything or they are not used to the word NO.

However, nowadays parents get offended if you even dare to call their kid spoilt. That’s the biggest offend to a parent and God forbid if you give them advice, not to shut up their child with expensive toys.

But, it seems easier to buy that dinosaur or expensive toy car, rather than explaining to your child that he/she doesn’t need that toy because he/she already has so many of them.

However, raising a child in that manner when you explain everything requires a lot of time and patience and sometimes, we don’t have the time, or the energy to lecture our kids.

We are working so much, we barely see our kids and at the end of the day, we only want to make our kids happy, even if that means something expensive.

We often see teenagers spending most of their time on their expensive cell phones or wearing over-the-top clothes and parents who rarely see them because they are killing themselves, working double shifts just to provide anything their little baby desires. 

We try to buy the love of our kids just with the excuse that we love our child so much and we don’t want them to feel left out.

However, it seems that too much love can’t truly kill you. We often forget that material possessions can spoil our children and even mislead them from the true path, the path of real values and appreciation.

Buying your kids everything their heart desires can only lead to one thing, making them more and more greedy for material things and what is most important, making them dependent on things they think they really need and don’t really deserve them.

Finding the time to explain the value of money and the importance of money to your child will be of great help in their development.

Children must understand that money don’t grow on trees, that you and your partner are working extremely hard to provide the best for him/her and that sometimes, they can’t get everything their heart desires, simply because they truly don’t need it.

If you as a parent, had difficult childhood or couldn’t afford everything when you were young, don’t try to compensate by buying every single toy in the store and make yourself believe that your kid is the luckiest kid on Earth, because he/she is able to possess all of the things you’ve once dreamed of.

No, on the contrary, your kid is not the luckiest kid on Earth, but the most spoiled one.

Sadly, the latest generations are full with children whose parents are somehow competing in who will buy the most expensive school bag or the latest cell phone for their child and now, we forgot the term “spoilt” because nowadays, kids who can’t brag with their material possessions are the school outcast, the “weird” ones.

Parents, don’t kill your kids with too much “love”, because remember that no money can buy the happiness in your family.

Instead of buying them expensive possessions or toys to shut them up, communicate with your children, explain to them that one day they will make enough money for themselves if they work hard.

At the end of the day, your kid may be furious at you or even say he/she hates you, just because you haven’t bought them that ridiculously expensive jacket, but one day they will thank you because they will be mature enough to realize that everything that you and your partner have done for them was for their own good.

Don’t feel like a bad parent simply because you can’t afford yourself to buy expensive things for your child and most importantly, don’t feel like you have to buy something for your child simply because everyone has it.

If you believe that something is not worth having it for your child, then don’t buy it. Learn to say NO to your child, no matter how hard or difficult it is to do it. Your kid will thank you one day and there’s nothing more precious than that.

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