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Gentle Cosmetic Surgery without Being Put to Sleep


In the continuing search for the safest, most effective, and least complicated ways to improve one’s appearance and regain one’s once youthful vibrance, science is pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved aesthetically without rendering the patient unconscious.

Individuals who go under the knife with general anesthesia are often left with a lot of systemic complications. Now is the time that patients understand that it is at all possible to undergo gentle cosmetic surgery without being put to sleep.

The principles of surgical treatment are essentially the same. It all depends on the healthcare status of the patient undergoing cosmetic surgery using local anesthesia.

Patients are subjected to a comprehensive battery of tests to determine compatibility with the anesthetic agent to be used as well as establish any other factor that may play a role in the success or failure of the procedure.

Of particular importance is the patient’s ability to tolerate the peculiar environment of the operating room theater including the sounds and smells as well as the pulling sensations that they will be going through since they are fully awake during the said procedure.

Of equal importance is the method of delivery of the local anesthetic. Traditionally, anesthetic agents are delivered locally to the site being treated. However, newer methods like tumescence are able to deliver higher concentrations of local anesthetic agents without the much dreaded toxicities.

This means the procedure can guarantee better results with very minimal side effects. And one of the much-dubbed clinical outcomes is the inclusion of underlying tissues in tightening procedures.

When patients require a face lift using the new procedure, not only is the affected skin tightened but the tissues underneath it are tightened as well.

There is another important issue to the use of newer locally delivered anesthetic agents. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons strongly recommends seeking such services only from reputable doctors who are also board certified by their respective professional organizations.

It is inadvertent that, because of the growing popularity of the procedure, there will be certain individuals who may want to take advantage of this opportunity.

As such, the public is cautioned against seeking such services from non-board certified and unlicensed cosmetic surgeons.

It is now entirely possible to undergo cosmetic surgery with you fully aware of what’s going on. However, as there are certain issues that need to be addressed, it is best to consult with your trusted cosmetic surgeon about it.