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Get Flawless Acrylics Any Time


It’s possible to get flawless acrylics done anytime. However, before you get started with the whole process, you should know what the process entails and what you should expect at the acrylic shop. The first thing you must understand is that acrylic can do huge damage to your nails if done wrong. Therefore, when planning for acrylic nails, you should choose the platform carefully. Before going into the details of what to expect, the first thing is to understand what acrylic nails are all about.

What are Acrylic Nails?

Simply put, acrylic nails are a combination of some liquid monomer and powder to make dough blobs that are shaped on your nails using a brush. These are later air-dried to give a perfect finishing look. If you are looking to extend the length of your nails, they are a perfect choice to go for. For the record, you don’t need a UV lamp to cure acrylic nails. They are air-dried.

How to Apply Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are usually done at an acrylic shop by a nail technician. To apply the acrylic on the nails, the technician will use tips or nail forms to get a more natural-looking nail. With this, the nail technician will shape the acrylic on the finger as desired. Next, they will paint the nail with nail polish. You can get acrylic nails done as often as you want, but you must be sure that you are using an experienced and well-trained nail technician to get a good job done.

Is it Easy to Maintain Acrylic Nails?

When it comes to maintaining your acrylic nails, you have to consider a lot of factors. For one, how much you put your fingers in waters and get them dirty will determine how often you would need to get the acrylics filled. On average, you can look at refilling them every three weeks to maintain neatness and perfect finishing. When you regularly fill the acrylic, you can wear it for up to eight weeks before removing them.

How Do I Remove Acrylic Nails?

The way acrylic nails are removed is almost like the way you would remove gel polish. The nails should be soaked in acetone for some minutes or until the acrylic is soft, and you can proceed to remove them gently. It is recommended that you get a professional to remove them for you to avoid damaging your nail bed.

Can Gel Polish be Used on Acrylic Nails?

The answer is yes. Acrylic goes with both traditional polish and gel polish. The choice is yours as you can choose any nail polish of your choice. By the way, you can choose your favorite colors too!

Is it Expensive to Get Acrylic Nails Done?

Well, the truth is that acrylic nails do not come cheap when compared to regular nail polish. If you are looking for well-shaped and long-lasting nails, you should be willing to pay a bit more for them. Don’t get put off by this because it’s affordable, and it’s only more expensive than traditional nail polish. The cost of an acrylic nail set varies, and it mostly depends on your location and your choice of a nail salon. You can pay anything between $50 and $100 to get your acrylic sets, and in some cases, it can cost more.


Many people stay away from acrylic nails because of the fear of damaging their nails. However, when correctly done and well maintained, they are indeed a beautiful pair to have. To ensure the best maintenance, regularly fill them and keep them dry and clean. When you are ready to remove them, make sure you get the service of an experienced nail technician.