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Get Ready For A HUGE Energy Shift On December 3rd – Mercury Retrograde Combines With A Full Moon


It seems that December the 3rd would be a significant date for the spiritual growth and energy of all of us. What’s more, not only we would have a Full Moon in the sky, but Mercury would be in retrograde as well.

Plus, the Full Moon that will happen on December 3rd is also going to be a Super Moon. Meaning, the Moon will appear to be about 14% larger and much brighter. This doesn’t happen very often.

So, what does this mean, and how will affect us?

This Full Moon will be in Gemini, so there would be a tremendous shift in all of us. This energy is so intense that it’s better to be prepared. Try to do whatever feels good to you. You can also try cleansing your energy by meditating.

Moreover, Mercury will be in retrograde.

Retrograde is a term used to explain when a planet is moving backward instead of moving forward from our point of view on Earth. Mercury is retrograde 3 or 4 times each year and it lasts for a few weeks, meaning this major energy will not fade away with the Full Moon.

When a planet happens to be in retrograde it throws our things upside down as well. As Mercury rules the sign Gemini, we will go through a “shadow” period. Many people, however, will not experience the effects of Mercury in retrograde until it reaches the second stage known as “the storm.”

Mercury is in retrograde since November 14th, and it will stay in retrograde until December 22nd at 9 pm.

It can, and it will be problematic and frustrating to all of us. So, try your best to remain calm and grounded. Most importantly, pay attention to your relationships – take care of them and don’t let negative thoughts into your brain.

Finally, let things go with the flow. Don’t let the troubles which may happen with the retrograde bring you down.

Try your best to keep yourself together because while this retrograde can bring back your mental balance – it can take away the balance of everything else in your life.

However, don’t be scared of this impeding energetic shift. While it may seem to you like you are beaten up by two extreme forces, you should embrace the change and let things to sort themselves out.