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Get Ready For January’s Full Wolf Moon – A Time Of TRANSFORMATION And FORGIVENESS Is Ahead Of Us


We will have the first Full Moon for 2018 on the first night of the new year. The first of January will not only signalize the beginning of the new year, but it will also be the night of the Wolf Moon. Get ready for a tremendous amount of energetic shift! Happy New Year!

This full moon is also a Supermoon or a Wolf Moon, and it will be an incredible sight that will mark the beginning of the new year. This full moon is known as the Wolf Moon because it symbolizes the howling of the immense amounts of energies that will happen inside all of us.

During this Wolf Moon we will be transformed and reborn into a new person, someone unfamiliar that even we can’t recognize ourselves at times. Get ready to embrace the change. Try to stay fully grounded, calm, and aware of this energy that will happen in no time.

Before this Supermoon happens, you need to take time to decompress and recharge. You must make sure that your energy is in an undisturbed place and that you are functioning as your highest self. Only in this way, you will get the most out of this full moon’s energetic shift that will make a difference in your life.

If you are not prepared for this Wolf Moon, you will be more prone to make mistakes and do something stupid. Many mistakes can occur when we are in the middle of a transformative period, so the best way to avoid making mistakes is to meditate properly.

This Full Moon will happen at 11 degrees Cancer. This means that your heart will pull you away from different people and things. It is like two halves of your being are fighting against each other.

This energy is very serious. It would bring forgiveness and love, and also transformation and regain control.

The Full Moon would be opposite Venus, thus increasing your primal needs for affection and love. You might even lower your standards to feel some kind of an emotional connection and avoid feelings of loneliness.

Also, different needs and expectations might cause problems in existing relationships, so be careful. Any hidden tension will be revealed, but you can work through the problems if you stay focused and calm.

So, don’t fear this Wolf Moon because it would bring only good things even if you are not able to see them at first as many of them would be disguised and full of drama.

Have trust and everything will work out just fine as long as you stay true to yourself.