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How To get Rid Of Sulfur Burps Quickly


Burp is a natural condition which the air (excess in the stomach) goes out. It is normal when you have a burp after meal. Hydrogen sulfur is a chemical that is created from the food we eat after absorptive process. In some case, your burp can be smelly (like rotten eggs) when it comes out, that is sulfur burps.

Sulfur burps are one of the symptoms that can meet in anyone. There are various reasons for sulfur burps. Without an appreciate diet is the major cause of sulfur burps. Besides, it is easier to get sulfur burps if you have digestive disorders like gastro esophageal reflux or gastrointestinal infection.

Although, the signs and symptoms of sulfur burps are not dangerous but it effects to the quality of life. Losing of appetite and discomfort are two main problems.

So, do you know how to get rid of Sulfur Burps?

  1. Diet

Diet is the most important method in getting rid of sulfur burps. Avoiding to eat the food that can cause sulfur burps. They are the high protein foods which can product sulfur burps by staying long time in your stomach, so that the hydrogen sulfur goes out by your mouth. They are garlic, onions, sweet potatoes, eggs, nuts… The daily diet should add more food with high fiber like vegetables.

Besides, dinking enough water which can help us digest the foods that stay long time in our stomach. Water also hydrates all the cells so that it is useful for cells in using the energy. The exceeded proteins in stomach can be that energy. You can also drink a cup of warm water with lemon and honey everyday to prevent sulfur burps.

  1. Giving up the bad behaviors

Smoking and drinking are the habits that contribute to your sulfur burps. Smoking and drinking destroys the good environment in your intestinal. So that, you digestive system can be easy getting the disorder and bacteria can come in your body easily. Smoking and drinking also make your sulfur burps to be more serious.

Giving up the habit of eating too much sugar every day is another way to prevent sulfur burps. Sugar can motivate the process of hydrogen sulfur production. Sugar contributes to the prolong the digestive process in your stomach.

When you eating the foods that take long time to digest, sugar that gets into the stomach will be pro-longer the digestive process. Or even, with the normal food, sugar also prevent and make your stomach works more. Hence, the food stays for a long time in your stomach, resulting in sulfur burps.

You should also give up the behavior of using fast food and junk food that may increase your sulfur burps. Fast food and junk food will promote the oxidant in your body. They are also damaged your gastrointestinal systems, therefore you may suffer from the gastrointestinal diseases and it is the benefits for sulfur burps.

  1. Medication

In addition of diet and giving up bad habits, you can take some medication to improve your condition. Medication will help your stomach digest easily and limit the prolong digestive. You can also use some probiotic which can use as an enzyme for your stomach to digest food.

Medication to treat the diseases that are the causes of sulfured burps should be taken. When the causes are treated, the sulfur burps will absolutely go. You will not feel embarrassed any more to talk with people.

  1. See your doctor

If your condition is not improved, you should make an ointment with your doctor. Your doctor will exam your gastrointestinal system carefully and he will find exactly the causes of sulfur burps. Therefore, he will give you the description.

The consultant of your doctors is very helpful. Because the sulfur burps varies in each individual, each age, each gender, the treatments are also different. The combination of doctor description and above advices are effective, you can implemented all of them. After all, it is a good idea to see your doctor even you are in the first or in the terminal of sulfur burps.

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