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How to Get Shredded Abs


For men, and women too for that matter, a physique cannot truly be deemed perfect, unless it comes complete with a set of shredded six pack abs. For those of you wondering how to get shredded abs, by the time you finish reading this article all will become clear.

If you look at some of the truly great physiques of our generation, including say, Simeon Panda, you’ll notice that they have abs that are so lean and so defined, that you could literally use them as a washboard for your clothes.

Simeon Panda is fast-approaching 50, and although 50 is considered nothing in terms of age these days, when you consider the fact that there are so many young up and coming bodybuilders, surely, you’d think that Simeon would struggle to hold his own? Well, you’d be wrong, as he puts many of them to shame. This is thanks, in part at least, to his ripped and shredded abs.

Wondering how to get shredded abs like Simoen? Then take a look at the following:

Stop doing 1000 crunches per day

Forget what you read in cheesy gossip magazines or “Fitness DVDs” brought out by Z-list nobodies, the way to lean and shredded abs is not as many crunches per day as possible. People genuinely believed that they had to perform 1000 crunches per day if they wanted a six pack, and therefore that is what they did.

If that was true, then surely to build big biceps you should do 1000 curls per day instead?

Of course not, if you did the biceps muscle would atrophy and suffer because it didn’t have enough time to recover, so your biceps would suck. The abs is no different. 3 sets of 30 crunches a couple of times per week are fine, but 1000 crunches per day? That’s just plain stupid!

Remember that there are other core exercises out there

 As great as crunches are for targeting the abs, there are other exercises out there that work just as well, if not better. When you train chest, you probably perform several chest exercises, rather than just bench presses, to help get the best results.

For the same reason, when you train abs, make sure you do plenty of other ab exercises.

Leg raises, wood cutters, plank, Spiderman crunches, bicycle crunches, and more, all work very well when training abs, so be sure to mix things up.

Create a caloric deficit

To reveal the abs, you need to drop down to around 12% body fat, or below.

This is very low for the human body and in order to do so, you need to burn off a lot of fat.

To burn fat, a caloric deficit must be created, whereby you consume fewer calories than your body requires.

To make up for the missing calories, the body taps into your body fat reserves.

Eat a clean, healthy, and  , and aim for a deficit of around 300 – 400 calories below maintenance, as this will give you a slow and sustained fat loss, without you feeling tired and lethargic.