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Get to Know the Health Benefits of Beetroot Powder


The latest study from the American Heart Association showed that beetroots have exceptional advantages to the bloodstream and recommends that consuming beetroots on a daily basis will help you to maintain healthy blood pressure.

Beetroots – well-known for their distinctive flavor and rich purple color are one of the latest superb foods that promote good health and nutrition space, even when they are already here since forever. Beetroot (as well-known as beets) are usually used for cooking and medical purposes. Its first historical purposes were for blood ailments and digestion. Check this weight loss blog.

Nowadays magazines often are promoting the advantages of beetroot powder and that’s why I’ve decided to explain all the impacts the beetroot powder has on overall health. Whether you eat them in their raw form or you use the powder for juices here is everything you need to know about all the benefits of beetroot powder and what it can do for you:

What is beetroot powder?

The powder is originally created from the beetroot vegetable; it’s directly a beetroot just in powder form. It belongs to the family of root vegetable and its round, commonly available in purple, white, striped and yellow versions. It’s associated with rutabagas, sugar beets and turnips.

We found it often grounded into powder form because it’s easier to consume, especially if you run a busy lifestyle and you don’t have time to peel the raw one. You can easily add the powder into water to make yourself a nutritious drink. You can easily add into smoothies or green drinks, or even sprinkle it on salads or in soups and sauces to add some nice color to your recipe.

Nutrients in Beetroot Powder

Beets and its leaves are filled with Vitamins B6, A and C, iron, magnesium, folic acid and Vitamin B9, calcium, potassium, soluble fiber and proteins. The root vegetable is supplied with a load of disease-fighting antioxidants.

Nearly all the calories in the beetroot come from natural sugars. If you compare it to the most foods that people eat nowadays, you should not be worried about the sugar content in the beets. Its sugar content is insignificant.

Beetroot Powder Benefits and Uses

If you ask a nutritionist or any medical person who knows the value of healthy foods, whether the beetroot powder is good for your health, you will always find a thunderous “Yes!”

If you or your loved ones suffer from issues with high or low blood pressure, circulation, endurance, energy or erection, then you should definitely try and recommend beetroot powder.

There are many advantages of consuming beetroot powder and some of them include:

  • The powder contains root nitrates – which act like vasodilators that help to maintain your blood pressure healthy. There are many successful cases of getting patients off drugs that suffer from blood pressure just by consuming beetroot powder.
  • Another huge benefit from beetroot powder it’s that boosts ED – endothelial dysfunction. This advantage leads to healthier blood vessel circulation. By healthier blood vessel circulation you can improve your erections. Also, the blood circulation to the clitoris is also improved, which leads to better female sexual experience.
  • Helps athletic players to improve their performance by increasing their stamina and muscle blood circulation and recovery.  
  • Because beetroot has high levels of betaine, which converts homocysteine to methionine it regulates better the homocysteine. If homocysteine is at a high level there is a risk of creating many diseases.
  • Beetroot powder as well helps at regulating the sugar in the blood.
  • It acts like enormous antioxidant that sets limits to radical damages in the body.
  • It’s one of the amazing sources of folate, fiber, potassium, iron and zinc.

How to buy Beetroot Powder

There are lots of places where you can buy beetroot powder, you can find it at your local store or buy it from an online store – highly recommended to buy beetroot powder SELFe. But, you should always have in mind that not all beetroot powder is healthy. Some of the vegetables before grounding to powder form may have been sprayed anti pesticides and some of them may include fillers.

Here is what you should always search at the description section in the product:

  1. It should always be made from 100% organic ingredients
  2. There shouldn’t be any GMO’s
  3. It should be without sweeteners, fillers or additives
  4. You should avoid plastics and search for glass bottles

You can as well compare the amount of beetroot powder in a bottle because amounts always depend and vary amongst manufacturers.

You should also have in mind that beetroot powder may turn your urine and stool to pink or red color, no need for panic attack or worrying! This process is quite normal because of its influence on the coloration of the beetroot powder.

How to Enjoy Beetroot Powder

The powder from beetroot can be used to almost everything you cook. I’ve created a list of some interesting ideas for incorporating sugar beet powder into your meals:

  • Blend it with your smoothie or bowl breakfast
  • Use it into a batter for pancakes
  • Try stirring into pasta sauce
  • Blend it with your daily juices
  • Sprinkled into salads or whipped egg whites for a more colored meal
  • Add to your salad dressing
  • Stirred into soups or dips