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Getting Help With Alcohol Detoxification: How To Re-Learn Living Without Drinking

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It starts with you. That’s what they all say, isn’t it? As cliche as this may sound, it rings true. Only, when it comes to alcohol addiction, it’s much easier said than done. 

We’re here to tell you that you are not alone in this. Our team of experts have come up with these guidelines you can practice on your own, alongside staying committed to your treatment program. 

Re-Learn Living Free Of Alcohol Dependence

  1. Your Drinking And/Or Non-Drinking Journal 

If journaling is something new to you, now is the opportune moment to begin. Most especially because it’s related to your progress in detoxifying both your body and your mind from alcohol dependence. 

The mind is just as much a victim in this more than your body. This realm is where you make decisions about pursuing that next bottle of alcohol or not. So write it down. Notate reasons why you want to finally live your life without being chained to addiction. 

Psychologists say that these visual cues and/or reminders will help you put to action what your mind wants to do with regards to kicking alcohol to the curb.

  1. Keeping Track

Aside from observing your treatment program to the detail, keep track of times when you feel alcohol “pangs”. What times of the day? Which days of the week? For about 14 to 15 days, stick to this keeping-track routine. 

Next, evaluate. Formulate activities that will aid you in moving your mind away from alcohol. We’re talking about productive activities like working out, taking a jog, pursuing holistic hobbies, spending time with your friends and family (mainly your support group), etc. 

  1. No Alcohol Within Your Reach 

This is the first thing to chuck out of your home. Very literally at that. Alcohol. Anything with alcoholic content is to be thrown out entirely. The same is true with alcohol in the office, or in any other place where you spend most hours within days and days of the week. 

Many say that this is quite drastic. And it is. But “drastic” is what is needed when face to face with dealing with alcohol addiction and alcohol detox

Apropos of relapses (which are almost always unavoidable), the staff of the detoxification facility you’re signed up with can provide you with a treatment plan customized for this challenge. 

  1. Talk To Your Physicians 

Physicians in your detox centre are there for a sole purpose— to aid you in coping with this debilitating addiction. Therefore, don’t hesitate to talk to them. Tell them of your struggles. Do this in a timely manner. Urgency is crucial when seeking medical and/or psychological advice regarding alcohol addiction

  1. The Right Company 

Just as drastically as experts recommend that you get rid of alcoholic beverages in your home, proactively stay away from people who lure you into having drinks with them. Remember that giving yourself a better life is more important than spending time with people who can sabotage this very goal. 

Instead, lean towards your support group. The fact that they are willing to stay by your side throughout this ordeal is a beautiful source of motivation to re-think the company you associate with.