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Girlfriends Ranked From Best To Worst Based On Their Zodiac Sign



Also known as the most successful at self-sabotaging. Sagittarius is their own worst enemy in a way that they’ll never knock you down the way they do themselves. They’re unbelievably selfless and will always think of others first. That’s why trust is a huge deal to them.

The minute they gain your trust, you have them forever. Once you fall in their cradle of love, they’ll love you with all their heart. You’ll fall for their attention and care about others. Although they’re heavily guarded, once you break those walls you’ll have the key to their heart forever.


Pisces might come off as extremely shy and reserved. They tend to play hard-to-get until you finally find something interesting about them. And then once they let you in, you’ll realize it was all worth it.

Because Pisces are the trustworthy people, a Pisces girlfriend will be your ultimate “partner in crime” and will always have your back. They’re also very good at deciphering your behavior, so watch out! If you plan on lying, there’s no escaping a quick-witted gal like Pisces.

However, they would never do anything to hurt you. Whenever the fault is in their court, Pisces is the first one to kiss and makeup.


You can rest assured, when it comes to relationship goats will always give their best to make it work. Capricorns are natural born perfectionists and will always have the upper hand in a relationship. They are basically the ultimate girl-bosses. But, the upside is, they’ll always defend you and stick to your guns against everyone.

They also are a bit hard to read, because they’re good at hiding their true feelings until someone real comes around. If that happens to be you, consider yourself someone very rare.


Libra people are believed to be the kindest among all the zodiac signs. They are the most optimistic sign and have a highly positive outlook on love. But, once they end up hurt, they feel it very deeply. Because of their nature, they tend to avoid disputes with their partner, which often leaves them with a lot of problems that make everything worst when they come to mind. Libra girlfriends are the giver in the relationship.

If you are in love with a Libra, you’ve probably fall for their outstanding charisma. And it’s their charismatic personality that makes them one of the most popular signs. So, it’s up to you to not let their spotlight make you feel less and intimidated. If you want to keep them, you have to cut down on jealousy.


It’s obvious they have two different sides in them. Half the time they’re cheerful and fun, the other they seem totally off and negative. Whenever in a relationship Gemini girl will hide the one side she doesn’t like. But despite their insecurity, when it comes to you they’ll accept every part of who you are. While they make it to the best five zodiac signs as girlfriends, that has nothing to do with the trust they’ve put in you.

If you somehow betray them, consider yourself cut off from their life in a blink of an eye. They will love you deeply, but once they feel disappointment it’s over. Second chances are possible, but very very rare.


They don’t make the all-time best girl, but they don’t make the worst either. Aquarius signs are the weirdest of them all. But that doesn’t mean particularly in a bad way. One of their best qualities is that in a relationship, they look at their partner’s flaws with admiration. But they look at their own with revolt.

The most important thing you need to teach an Aquarius is how to love themselves. It can be very challenging for some, but if you manage to be patient enough and love them through the process of them learning to cherish themselves, it can be a strong and successful relationship. The key to an Aquarius heart lies in patience. 

7. LEO

Leos are known to be hopeless romantics when it comes to relationship and they aren’t always realistic with their expectations. They’re ready to give themselves for a person, but the sad truth is that they often find themselves seduced by the wrong people. As expected they often get frustrated giving everything to a person but receiving the minimum.

The biggest problem in Leo’s life is their unrealistic expectations that eventually leave them stuck with their poor choices. No matter how much they end up hurt, they somehow manage to magically gravitate toward the inappropriate crowd. They’re bad at following bits of advice from their friends. 


Although they possess a heart of gold, sacrificing their heart for other have only brought them disappointment. They don’t make bad girlfriends, but they would be one of the best if they didn’t chase away people from them. The thing with them is that they don’t trust anyone but themselves, so getting comfortable in a relationship is a very difficult challenge for a Cancer girlfriend.

 They over- analyze their actions and have a lot of trouble making a rational decision which often gets in their way of something that could be a healthy relationship. It’s not they don’t want to love; the thing is they’re too scared to close their eyes and take a leap of faith. Even if they seem heartless, they care a lot.


Bulls are recognized by their stubbornness and inconvincible nature. They are one of the toughest signs when it comes to pretty much everything. When a relationship is in the question, it might take you centuries to win them over. And NO, don’t mistake their attitude for playing hard-to-get. They don’t intend on leading people on. They just have their own life and principles to worry about.

Taurus people have everything figured at their own pace and if you try to pressure them, you won’t last long. No matter how cold-hearted they seem, they believe in love. But they ‘ll never be a part of your games. After all, why would they do that, when they’re the ones making the rules?


Aries girls can come off very intimidating for the people they date. They cultivate a powerful personality and like to be in control of every situation which can be really hard for some guys. As much as their i-can-do-it personality can attract someone to them, in given moments can also be the biggest turn off in an Aries girlfriend.

An Aries girl can come across heartless and have an acid tongue. So, when you fight, not only will you lose the battle, but she might also say some hurtful things. However, there’s a sensitive being underneath the tough exterior and cold personality. You just have to look deeper.


Virgos are the biggest critics of all zodiac signs. They don’t consider themselves good enough for their partners and make every relationship seem harder than it is. Their biggest problem which leads to a lot of relationship ending is their insecurity and jealousy of their partners.

Because of their perfectionist nature, whenever they fail at something they instantly fall apart. And despite their self-criticism, the worst part about them is constantly lashing out at you. It’s very hard to be with someone who not only doesn’t love themselves but makes you feel like they don’t love you either.


I’m sure you knew they’re considered as the scariest of them all. Often described as the hurricane of all zodiacs, there is no way to foresee what kind of trouble they might carry, so you can either be safely on their side or completely destroyed on the other.

Scorpio women have total control over every relationship they’re a part of. They come off as painfully blunt, so if you are sure about engaging in a romantic relationship with them you better be a thick-skinned man, otherwise there’s no helping you. However, they aren’t mean, they’re just ruthless when it comes to messing with their life.

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