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Give Your Children What They Really Need- MINIMALISM


There is always a solution to every problem, sometimes there are several solutions and we need to choose one which will be the most appropriate one and the most suitable solution which us and our families will benefit from it.

The same applies for parenting, parents come across so many challenges and obstacles in life and it seems difficult to determine whether we are making the right calls and finding the proper solution for the sake of our family.

Nowadays, we can rely on so many technological achievements and innovations which are here with one purpose only- to make our lives easier and more convenient.

However, sometimes the easiest way and the latest invention is not what we truly need. Sometimes the answer we’ve all been searching for is held in our deepest thoughts reminding us that our family and our kids need one thing only that no application or expensive gadget can fill in its place.

Our kids need minimalism, our kids need to be neglected from the material world and focused on the true values in life. We need to understand that teaching doesn’t start from school, but it starts from the first day we become parents.

Parenting is sacred, parenting is patient, parenting is passing on the important lesson in life- technology is here just for the ride.Our kids need humbleness

How many of you have found yourself in a situation where you search for the perfect gift for you loved ones and you simply can’t find something to please their desire or satisfy their needs?

Well, search no more because what your children need is not on the market, it’s in your home. Replace exchanging or promising them gifts for Christmas, because the only gift they need is love.

Forget about the thank you or gratitude cards, because the only thing they need to be grateful for is the family, the love and respect that they get from you. Celebrations are here to remind us that no material thing can replace the gift that we’ve had from birth- the gift of being loved, the gift of religion and the gift of our family.

Our kids need to just kids

Don’t expect your kids to be obedient, calm and disciplined. That’s not in their nature, kids need to be messy, they need to be curious, they need to look upon their parents and find out on their own the persons they want to become in life.

Buying expensive toys or downloading entertaining applications will only narrow your child’s world.

Our kids need to spend time with their families

Not a single class of piano or karate will replace the well-spend and valuable time with the family. Kids who socialize with the family are the ones who are expected to achieve higher results in the future.

So, what does a child that sits around the house and does nothing achieve?

The answer is never nothing. That child develops closeness with the family, it also develops skills which will later on reflect positively on his/her life.

Our kids need proper meals

Skipping a meal from McDonald’s is the best gift that you can give to a child and not only because it’s not healthy for them, but also because you need to create proper eating habits for your child.

Snacking between meals is only alluding that food is something which you intake in order to survive. Even though that bears some truth in it, food should also be regarded as a gift.

Lunch time or dinner time is the time when family sits together and eats real food.

Our kids need US

This is not said just of the sake of being said. Our kids need us to guide them, to make the proper decisions for them, to put them on the right path which later on be reflected on their lives.

Thank God we have teacher who will only help us and support us in the process, however the greatest teachers they can get are their parents, their role models, their biggest supporters.

Our kids need something which grows with them

Those dinosaurs or minions hanging in his/her room will lose meaning after a few months. Buying toys which will grow with them or be sustainable is the best call for them and for you.

They truly don’t need tons of toys just because they need to have them. We consciously make our kids believe that they deserve or need those toys, however the truth is that those toys will only satisfy their momentarily needs and not on a long term.

Most of all, our kids need themselves

Our kids need to grow, they need to be molded and raised with the real values in life. Nothing can buy the love, the life lesson that we give them, however they need to go through some things in life by themselves.

They need to be their own heroes, they need to be able to make decisions and determine their priorities by themselves. They need to grow, they need to be curious, they need to be themselves and they need to be just kids.

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