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God Has A Plan For You That Is Beyond Your Control

God Has A Plan For You That Is Beyond Your Control

Have you ever asked yourself why you develop a strong, deep bond with certain people? Have you ever asked yourself why you feel more attracted to certain people than others?  

And most importantly, have you ever wondered why you had to part ways with some people when they appeared to be everything you ever needed and wanted in life? 

Three different questions and yet they have the same answer: God always has reasons for everything that happens in your life. He has plans for you that you can neither influence nor change.

People say, God works in mysterious ways, so you won’t always be able to understand why something happens in your life the way it does. You won’t always be able to understand why some people who you thought were going to stay forever in your life were simply taken away from you.

And the reason is simple: God has plans for your life that are way greater than your wishes. God has plans for you that are beyond your control.  

So, remember that everything which happens in your life happens for a reason, no matter how hard this might be for you to understand.

God places the people you need in your life at exactly the right time. Maybe the reason for this is that they need to teach you a valuable lesson about you or your life. Maybe it’s to help you overcome your worries, problems, or pain.

Perhaps it’s to lift you up and encourage you to move on with your life when you’re at your lowest. Perhaps it’s to help you explore the deepest parts of your soul – parts you were never aware of.

Maybe God brings you closer to certain people so that they can help you grow and better yourself on a personal and professional level. Maybe God makes them a part of your life so that they can inspire you to be kinder and more compassionate and helpful to others and to yourself as well.

Perhaps God brings you closer to certain people because they are the answers to all your questions about life.

Just stop for a moment to think about all those people who entered your life and you were strongly attached to and then went out of your life. You will likely find that no matter whether someone played a major or minor role in your life, they all taught you valuable lessons about yourself or your life.

They all taught you something very important that you might have otherwise missed if it hadn’t been for them.

The problem is that oftentimes we try really hard to make these people stay permanently in our lives. But, they are not meant to be a part of our lives forever. God called them to stay in our lives just for a limited period of time.  

God brought us closer to them so that they could help us choose the right course of our lives and prepare us for the ones who are meant to stay for good.

And there’s no doubt that this is difficult and frustrating. It’s hard and painful when these people are taken away from us because we can’t let go of them. Because we don’t want to let go of them.

It’s difficult to understand why God would separate us from someone so wonderful and someone who helped us leave our world of darkness and put our life together again. Someone who meant the world to us.

But if you think about this from the perspective that if these people stayed in our lives forever, maybe the beauty of their soul would have faded, they wouldn’t have been inspiring for us, and they would’ve just turned into a dark spot in our lives.

Therefore, we should have faith in God and simply let these people go. We should have faith in God’s plans for our lives.

Because maybe God sends these people in our lives so that they can teach us how to let go of people more easily and without feeling pain and how to understand when someone’s role in our lives is over.

Maybe God brings us closer to these people so that they can teach us how to believe that the next person God brings our heart closer to is the one we need.

Because when the person who is meant to stay in our lives forever appears, we will know it with every single part of our body and soul.

God Has A Plan For You That Is Beyond Your Control