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This Guy Has The Most Amazing Way Of Dealing With His Girlfriend’s Anxiety


Anxiety is something that many of us have experienced or will experience in their lives. It is not easy, and someone who has never felt its grip could never understand what you are going through.

It is known that one in four people in the world will have a mental disorder at some point in life.

Even though anxiety does not define us, it does affect our relationships with other people, and those who haven’t experienced it don’t know what it feels like and don’t know how they can help you.

Sometimes they fail to see that all a person in a middle of an anxiety attack needs is someone who listens and assures that everything will be okay.

A person living with anxiety lives in constant fear that their partner will abandon them. So, they try to push their loved ones away because they cannot stand the fact of being hurt. They always doubt everything; they just don’t believe that pure happiness and love exists.

Callie is a girl who suffers from anxiety. She is not immune to struggling and constant over-thinking which leads to imaginary scenarios in her head causing her and her partner Chris to fight constantly.

However, she strongly believes that the right one can’t be pushed away not matter how bad the situation gets.

In her post on Facebook, she explains her struggles to let everyone know that anxiety is real and having someone by your side to support you is essential. And no one should ever dismiss your struggles nor make you feel that you are overreacting. Luckily for her, her boyfriend Chris understands and supports her.

In her Facebook post, which went viral, she shares a text conversation between her and her boyfriend. It goes like this – She asks him “Are we okay?” “Very much so honey”, he responds. To this, she replies with “okay good” and three hearts. This is all she needed to calm down.

In her post, she explains the importance of finding a supportive and understanding partner who doesn’t ignore their feelings and struggles.

On the other hand, there is still a stigma against dating people with mental illnesses. A study in Evolutionary Psychological Science found out that people with mental illnesses were viewed as less attractive than those without them.

However, Callie and Chris’s love story is a proof that our personal struggles and worries are not something which can ruin our relationship as long as we know how to handle them.

Her post has now over 86,000 likes and more than 190,000 shares from people supporting her.

She then uploaded a sweet video of her boyfriend, called “We All Got Demons” in which he explains what is like to have a mental illness.

Her final advice is to take deep breaths which sometimes can be one of the hardest things to do. Also, love, patience, and communication are key factors to make relationships work. You may have anxiety, but anxiety doesn’t need to have you.

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