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7 Habits Of Authentically Happy People (That Have Nothing To Do With Positive Thinking)


I’ve been wondering for a long time how come some people manage to be happier than the others. It seems as if they have found some routine that they love and that gives them peace and happiness every day.

It is like they have some special power to see the positive aspect of things which other people don’t have. Even if they don’t have a reason to be happy, they seem to take every failure easily.

But, I learned that being happy is possible for everyone, even if when you’re in a bad period of your life. Being happy is not entirely correlated to positive thoughts. It is all about being aware of the present, embracing it as it is and being realistic.

Think of it as a fitness routine. If you want to be fit you have to workout on a regular basis, and the results come after some time. So what do you need to do to get the best results and be happy?

Here are 7 habits you need to implement in your daily routine:

1.Five close relationships

We all know that having close friends is good for our mood. The longest study about happiness, which was conducted at Harvard, showed that healthy relationships are the key for happiness. So, having some close friends can really improve the amount of happiness for anyone.

You must be wondering why exactly 5 relationships?

Actually, that is the average number that researchers got based on several studies. The book named Finding Flow teaches that:

Anyway keep in mind that the actual number doesn’t have to be 5.  What matters is the effort and the time you put in all these relationships. Remember, they need to be good and healthy relationships.

2. Don’t let your happiness be determined by events around you.

Never let external things such as job promotion or winning money be the boost of happiness for you. A research showed that that is a short term boost of happiness. When we get a promotion, we feel small boost of happiness but the feeling doesn’t last for a long time.

In addition, if you base your happiness to an external boosts it can lead to fear of failure. We always need to be willing to fail, because without that we’ll start avoiding challenges and stop growing. If we avoid failure we avoid success, as well.3. Exercise

Physical exercise is a proven boost of happiness. Exercise makes us feel better when we practice it on regular basis. It is scientifically proven that exercising increases the releasing of the amount of endorphin in our bodies, which is important since endorphin is the hormone of happiness.

And the best thing in exercise is that it doesn’t matter which kind of activity we do as long as we do it every day.

4. Perfect some skill

People that are happy are often really good at something. Usually, it is a skill they have practiced for many years.

I know it is hard to get better in something, and it takes time. But at the end, when we look back, the improvement brings satisfaction. Believe me, the satisfaction that follows after becoming good at something is far more meaningful than the small discomfort whenever we try things that we don’t really feel passionate about.

5. Don’t hesitate to spend more on adventures

Spending money on something material will make you happy for a short amount of time. Eventually you will get bored of it and throw it away. But if you spend money on experiences, they will stay with you forever.

6. It’s okay to have negative feelings

All of us feel sad sometimes. But let me tell you something: there is no happiness without sadness. We need sadness to make a difference between sadness and happiness.

So it is normal to be sad at some point. That is why we should never try to ignore sadness. The spiritual master Osho says:7. Keep yourself busy, but never rush yourself.

Being in a constant rush can make you fell miserable. Also, having nothing to do can have the very same effect. As always, the best thing to do is to have balance between the two.

Stay productive, find some hobby, make your day fulfilled, but don’t have too many obligations that will put you in a rush.

Don’t be afraid to say no to things you are not excited about. It is these things that put you in a rush. And don’t hesitate to jump into things that thrill you.

Source: Thepowerofideas.ideapod.com