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11 Habits Of People With Concealed Depression


When you think of depression, you most probably imagine a person who is lacking the will to function, who is retreated in their own thoughts, and who cannot really relate to anything while he/she is affected by it.

However, depression may remain unnoticed for years in some people, who are constantly fighting that inner demon and struggle to remain positive and look like nothing is happening to them.

This concealed depression is eating the person slowly from the inside, while they are doing everything they know to jump out of the mess they are experiencing inside. However, there are some signs which can point to a person with concealed depression.

Here are 11 habits of people with concealed depression:

1. Constantly making efforts to appear fine

As we already said, the idea that depression is something which shows its ugly face through a series of negative habits is not always true. It’s not just a mood, but rather a mental imbalance.

Some people learn to act happy and normal, as the feeling that they would bring someone down with their state of mind makes things worse for them. This is why they will try hard to play the role of positivity, regardless of what they are truly feeling.

2. Habitual remedies

In addition to the traditional depression treatment which includes therapy and medications, there are some lifestyle changes and habits that people with depression adopt to improve their mood.

This is why some will decide to take up anything that would distract them from the state they’re in, like driving, exercising, listening to music, walking, you name it.

3. Having trouble with abandonment

The struggle of depression affects those around you as well. And not everyone is ready for that kind of burden, so when they sense your struggle, they choose to walk away. While they exactly can’t be blamed, this fact creates a feeling of abandonment.

This is what makes people with depression to hide their state and the way they feel, fearing that they might be abandoned by their loved ones. It’s indeed painful to know that it’s a dark side which may be too much for others to accept.

4. Being pro at “cover-up” stories

You will hear elaborate stories about why they have skipped appointments, or how those cuts ended up on their arms. The truth is that they will do everything to hide the real reason behind whatever they did – and that is their depression.

Depression affects the daily activities greatly, and in such moments of low self-esteem and negative feelings, they’re professionals at changing the subject and redirecting the attention away from their actual situation.

5. Abnormal eating and sleeping habits

Sleeping too much or too little is one of the most common signs of depression. The same goes with food, and these two things are essential for the health. However, when under the effects of depression, their mind reacts differently to these natural urges and disrupts their patterns.

6. Interpreting substances differently

A person who is battling with depression is aware of what makes them better and what may worsen their depression. So, while others would see alcohol as something they’d use to have a fun night, a person with depression will avoid it, as it is a depressant and can cause a low mental state.

They also know that sugar and caffeine can raise the mood, as well as medicine, and they are aware of what doesn’t mix well. All this knowledge comes from their need to alter their state of mind so that they don’t feel so down all the time.

7. Exhibiting a very involved perception of life and death

While not all depressed people have suicidal urges, their state completely changes their thought process. In moments of despair, they will often face mortality, especially when ruminating over life’s heaviest questions.

8. Uniquely talented and expressive

Depression brings a dark and deep note to one’s personality and self-perception. In this depth, they will find a unique way to express themselves creatively in incredible and unique ways.

Their touch with both the good and bad inside helps them to create and express beauty through the heaviness and intensity of the emotions they carry. As a fact, many of the greatest minds of history have suffered from mental illnesses.

9. Often on the search for purpose

The truth is, everybody needs a purpose and meaning in their life. People suffering from depression want this too. However, their susceptibility to feelings of anxiety and inadequacy will make them try to compensate for the shortcomings they believe they possess.

This mood, however, can change and they may become intensely devoted to the pursuit of happiness.

10. Releasing subtle cries for help

While most would think that these people are strong and tough, for these people being alone may not be safe. Sometimes they will start feeling close enough with a person to admit their weakness, and this moment of opening up is crucial.

Such moments are very powerful, as they hold the potential to build a strong bond between two people. While they hold the power to create trust and closeness between friends and lovers, it’s not easy for a person with depression to open up.

11. Seeking love and acceptance, like everyone else

People with concealed depression don’t hide their feelings because they want to be dishonest, but to protect their hearts and those of the people around them. It’s because we live in such world which defines our dark sides as something unnatural and unacceptable.

However, their real wish is to be loved, accepted and understood the way they are so that they can have the stimulus to become even better and greater. We need to be ready to reach out to those who need it, even when it may seem difficult.

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