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11 Habits Of People With Concealed Depression


Depression is a difficult mental disease that most of the time stays hidden within the affected person. These individuals have inner struggles and no one is able to help them deal with them.

Most of the time, this is the case simply because these individuals are not keen on sharing problems and difficulties with others and prefer hiding their feelings.

This article is all about making these people more visible to you, in order to try to help them or simply address a professional for that matter.

Here are 11 habits of people with concealed depression:

1.Talented and expressive

Mental diseases are quite common among celebrities. When dealing with this condition people become more emotional and being emotional often contributes to one’s success.

Most of us cannot see the difficulties they have, but they play a big role in their work. In a manner of speaking, it is like they have the ability to create a masterpiece out of the struggles they battle every day.

2. They search for a purpose

Every individual wants to know their reason for existing. And it is quite normal to seek the answer to this question.  The difference between a normal individual and a person who is suffering from depression is that depressive people are never satisfied with their reason for existing.

They feel that they are not good enough to do something meaningful for the society. It’s like they have set the bar too high, and therefore they can never achieve what they think is enough to be worth living for.

3. Sometimes, they silently ask for help

Often we don’t see the need for help in someone. The reason is that most of the people are not expressing their emotions in a way we can see it. If you notice that someone is down and is trying to ask for help not knowing how to really ask that means they trust you and they needs help.

He or she simply doesn’t know how to express their struggle. If you feel their need for help, do anything you can to help them.

4. They look differently on drugs and food

People dealing with depression know which substances can make them feel better. They understand that coffee or chocolate can make them feel better. The truth is that simply consuming this won’t help them much.

The main effort in feeling better is up to them to make, and it takes a big effort to do it. But of course, medications and food are important to them and play a big factor in dealing with their condition.

5. They often think about life and death

Individuals suffering from depression often think about their life and its end. They have the tendency to think of dark scenarios for their life. Sometimes they even have suicidal thoughts. Be aware, not all depressive people are thinking of taking their life.

However, when that’s the case, a professional help is needed. A nonprofessional can cause more damage than good, so be careful if you feel that someone has suicidal thoughts.

6. Strange eating habits

This habit is different on an individual level. Some people dealing with depression have the need to eat more when they feel bad since they replace sadness with food. Others have lack of appetite when feeling down.

7. Irregular sleep

People struggling with depression might have trouble sleeping, and often are facing insomnia. On the other hand, the same individual can sometimes oversleep and stay in bed all day. Most of the time, when they sleep abnormally long, it is because they are emotionally exhausted and there is nothing else to do about it.

8. Feeling abandoned

Often, people who were left by a loved one can feel abandoned. This is quite normal after ending a relationship. But people who are suffering from depression have this feeling constantly, even when they are surrounded with the people they love.

The fear of being left behind causes them to hide the problems they have simply because they fear that those problems will be the reason for being left behind.

9. They are extremely good in hiding stories and coming up with cover ups

They have the ability to cover up their bad emotional state very fast. They easily construct a story when they need to find an excuse for actions caused by their feelings.

10. Lifestyle changes

Most of the time, people are trying physical activities to feel better. You can often see people who are dealing with depression jogging or walking.

Other things they do often except exercising is listening to music. They do these things as often as possible simply to feel the relief they get from doing it.

11. They are trying to seem happy

People who are suffering from depression don’t want to upset other people with their problems. Therefore, they will try to fake that they are feeling great.

They want everyone to think that they are fine, and they deal with their demons alone. They are afraid that they might drag you into their problems and transfer it to you.