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Today I would like to write an honest review about the services of Hacken.

Today I would like to write an honest review about the services of Hacken. The company I work for recently ordered mobile penetration testing of android applications from these specialists and I, as an experienced IT specialist, had a lot of positive recommendations. I’m ready to share them with you. 

What Is a Pentest?

Let’s turn to the Internet to understand what this mysterious test is? Pentest or penetration test is a security check of any application, which is carried out by specialists. This test is often conducted by large corporations to identify and fix vulnerabilities in their mobile applications. By doing this, companies ensure security from within the mobile environment. That is in other words, you pay people to break into your mobile app and point you to the mistakes it has. So why do you need such a service? First, it is convenient because you have full control over the process, and you can be sure that your data is safe. Secondly, such a test can show your shortcomings and help you find solutions. This will really help your application to move to the next level of security and improve user experience. 

Our Experience with Hacken

I work for a startup that develops custom android apps. For us, the quality of our products is very important, and we guarantee the security of our customers’ data. And in order not to let expectations down, we use a penetration testing service from these guys all the time. By the way, they have a bunch of different services for every taste, go to their website to check all the offerings: https://hacken.io/services/penetrationtesting/mobile-application-penetration-testing/ They always do their job perfectly, proving their professionality once again. I hope that I was able to convince you of the quality of the company’s services, as I am very satisfied with the cooperation. My company will continue to turn to them for assistance.