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What Happens When Two Exes Confront Each Other About Cheating?


At the end of a relationship, there is always one person who gets broken hearted. However, sometimes this person is better off without their partner, like in the case of this woman.

The Scene recently confronted two exes in a video that quickly went viral. The woman, who was later identified as Kourtney Jorge, confronted her ex-boyfriend, who cheated on her countless times and wanted to know why he hurt her so much.

There was no dramatic fighting or impulsive reactions of any kind by Kourtney’s side, although many would have definitely done something like that. Instead, Kourtney faced her ex and calmly asked him why he cheated on her.

The boyfriend was also identified once the video went viral. Leonard Long III and Kourtney told their whole love story at the beginning of the video – the way they met and how they became so close in their relationship.

They were best friends. But then, she started reading the messages he was getting from other girls. Once, Kourtney found him with another girl and he asked her to leave. She cried the whole night, but nothing changed.

The most heartbreaking part of the video is the part where Kourtney asks Leonard how many times he has cheated on her. He answered: “I wasn’t counting”. Many people would have reacted dramatically to this, but Kourtney just left the scene to take a moment and calmly returned on the chair.

It is clear that Kourtney was really hurt, and still is. While she listened to him with tears in her eyes, Leonard looked mostly unaffected, although he admitted that it was his fault and put the blame to his commitment issues he had back then.

The internet reacted and many Twitter users expressed their feelings about Leonard, showing their support for Kourtney. Some of them decided to dig deeper into the story and to find Kourtney. Now we know that she is in a happy relationship with someone who treats her right, as she herself posted.

After the confrontation of Kourtney and Leonard, The Scene posted other videos of exes facing each other and shared their stories in a series called Heartbroken.