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Have You Met A Serial Dater? Here Is How To Easily Recognize One


Serial daters. If you google the definition for this term, the first thing that will come up is an explanation that a serial dater is a person who refuses to play by those, good, old-fashioned, unwritten rules when it comes to dating. You know, the ones like exclusivity, respect, honesty, communication, compromise, trust, loyalty and so on and so on…

According to the general opinion, serial dater is someone who loves the chase. A person who prefers to play the game of hot and cold. A player who enjoys a relationship until he gets bored and another potential candidate comes along…

Want my personal opinion?

Serial daters are the people who destroyed romantic love. They are the ones who first discarded the core values of life. The ones who forced people to give up on love. I may sound a bit harsh, but that is the truth…

These people avoid:

1. Getting to know you. Serial daters don’t care much about your background, your feelings, your thoughts or who you are as a person. The only thing that they are interested in is having fun with you. Preferably in the bedroom.

2. Talking about where the relationship is going. People who date for fun don’t really think much about relationships. In fact, a serious partner who wants to talk about a possible future and their personal feelings is a deal-breaker to these people. Yes, you read it right. Serial daters live in the moment. They don’t talk about how they feel, or what they are planning to do tomorrow. Mostly because they are not interested in making this a thing. Serial daters are into casual flings, not serious relationships

3. Sharing personal details about themselves and their feelings. Oh no. A serial dater would never reveal his innermost feelings or thoughts to you. Whatever they say, know that they are saying it on purpose. No one really knows what these people carry inside of them. They don’t like to be vulnerable in front of others. They keep everything to themselves.

But they prioritize:

1. Having fun. This is at the top of their priority list. Having fun means keeping the relationship light, or in other words, open. In a nutshell, having fun means dating without any emotional commitment. That’s what their whole life is about.

2. Being a bachelor their whole life. They send the message that they enjoy being single. As a result, they have a history of short relationships. Their longest relationship is often not more than one year. Their failed relationships are usually the result of their ex-partner complaining about their commitment. Their ideal relationship is a short, casual fling that doesn’t require them to be an open, loving and devoted partner. Simple as that. Serial daters are bachelors for life.

3. Social validation and material goods. Most importantly, they care about their careers and their personal needs. Nothing is more important than their work, their plans, and their success. These are their top three priorities that no relationship could ever outrank them.

If you recognized someone in these traits, be advised. You are dating a serial dater.

If you don’t mind game and you are up for some fun, go for it. Date them, go out with them, make love to them, it’s on you. But if you are looking for a serious and loving relationship with a person that would love you just the way you deserve to be loved, this person is not for you. Leave before you get your heart broken. That’s the only thing you will ever get from them anyway.

Have You Met A Serial Dater? Here Is How To Easily Recognize One